Ted Rall: Budget Passes, A Maybe Society

Here’s Ted Rall on US Congress’ last minute dodging of the debt ceiling hours before its Oct. 17 deadline. New deadline? January 15. It’s a Maybe Society.

aNewDomain.net — Congress passed a budget before the Oct. 17th debt ceiling hit — fewer than two hours were left before the fall. The new deadline is January 15. Our Ted Rall conjures up his idea of the upcoming Maybe Society. Check out his latest toon, below.

The U.S. government dodged a major default on its credit obligations hours before its October 17 deadline. It’s a real reminder that the so-called “full faith and credit” of the government isn’t the only thing at stake here. The new deadline is Jan. 15, 2014.

What’s still true: We’ve got a society where uncertainty and broken promises are the new normal. From 99 cent stores that don’t sell much at 99 cents to colleges that encourage students to go into debt on the off chance they might get a good job after graduation, we’re increasingly living in a society where nothing is as advertised. For aNewDomain.net, I’m Ted Rall.

The Maybe Society

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  • There have always been liars, cons, and cheats, history is full of their adventures. What we have now are regulatory and law enforcement agencies that no longer prosecute crimes by people at the highest levels of corporate and public service. At worst, they pay a pitiful fine, and often (Jon Corzine, Angelo Mozillo) they walk away from their heist scott free.