Hacker Hunters in Demand: Analysis, Infographic

Written by David Michaelis

As privacy concern mount,white hat hackers — and hacker hunters — are in demand. There’s more to the story. Here it is — plus the Hacker Hunter job infographic. .

aNewDomain.net — Ethical hackers are in high demand. The loss of privacy and security is endemic. It is the new age of open back doors —  and if you’re a hacker, there’s big money in it, according to the below-infographic from Devry.

Consider: An unveiled backdoor in a number of late-model D-Link brand routers indicates that the practice of adding manufacturers’ back doors to network hardware is alive and well. This was not discovered in some back alley. It was legit white hat work.

As Microsoft and Google and others encourage hackathons to discover the last glitches, prizes rise. So why let your skills lie for naught? Check out the infographic below — it’s everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a hacker. A hacker for hire, that is.

Cyber Security - Just the Facts

by DeVryUniversity.
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