Hillary Clinton on Instagram: Another Ploy to Look Wholesome

hillary clinton instagram
Written by Ted Rall

Hillary Rodham Clinton is now on Instagram. Can light jokes make a politician with bloodsoaked hands look like just another ordinary American grandmother? Ted Rall commentary.

aNewDomain — Hillary Rodham Clinton is now on Instagram, with a light joke about “Hard Choices”: a reference to a photo of her pantsuit in red, white and blue. It’s part of the effort to make a politician with bloodsoaked hands look like just another ordinary American grandmother … and it just might work.

hillary clinton on instagram
Hillary Clinton on Instagram cartoon: Ted Rall

For aNewDomain, I’m Ted Rall.

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  • Stop with the disingenuous campaigning for yet another way to hog-tie America’s taxpayers that are already cash strapped by their local state legislators in meeting the educational needs of illegal immigrants chauffeured into their state by the federally government agents. Let’s just make it free so we don’t have this duplication process playing out all across our country’s Heartland. If it’s not the state legislators asking for more money for a poorly performing educational system each and every year with the implied threat of multiple filings by proponents of such legislative initiatives, it’s the cost of doing business to procure those benefit increases, it’s criminal prosecutors that are fixating on setting the national standard on filing repeated charges against a defendant who was acquitted in a legal matter they didn’t agree with so much so as to deplete the court’s operating budget which in turn means additional traffic citations will have to be generated locally to cover the cost deficit overrides. Some think we should learn to live within our means, stop exploiting the system, Ferguson was not an isolated case in point with this operating system!

    Make it free Hillary, stop playing politics, stop squeezing people who own property locally because you can, stop jury rigging the outcome, stop sending innocent people to prison to pay for your redundancies that ship illegals around the country that leave locals to squirm over just how to make-up the differences after their legislators approved modest fiscal spending increases just the day before you guys opened the flood gates allowing illegals immigrants the Keys to our Cities, to our homes, to our businesses, to our welfare system designed to give it’s own citizens a hand-up when the economics go south locally in the form of Greenbacks to relatives of these people here illegally. Let’s take care of our own unemployed, our disadvantaged, our people struggling to pay for all the creature comforts of home to a world of individuals who refuse to learn English because that’s too much of a burden for these people to have to endure themselves, our government agrees let’s duplicate, let’s be redundant in our approach to address our most basic pressing items.

    Our banking practices, our laws regarding taxation without legal representation, our Treasury Departments missing billions that are being applied to the backside of our Veterans, our Retirees, those people on Social Security. Veterans that are service-connected disabled are caught up in a scam as equally alarming concerning our retiring work force that are relying on their 401K Account Funds as health issues and family emergencies are being processed daily, funds are issued out to them with a 10% penalty rider, where taxes are much higher than when their funds were taken from their payroll checks years ago adding insult to injury. Our Congress, our Senate has passed this legislation to legally penalize you for playing by their rules, Federal Law that gave them hope has taken away much more than they have promised in program incentives leading to despair. Just because Wall Street had a good day doesn’t necessarily mean 401K Retirement Accounts had that same kind of success.

    Our Disabled Military Veterans that are Service-Connected are suppose to be Entitled to a total Health Care package of medical care benefits comparable to those our 3 Branches of government receive, they don’t. When these Disabled Veterans reach the age of 65 they’re required to make a choice between VA Medical Care Benefits or that offered by SSI as it relates to a Medicaid and Medicare Benefits package with a Rider attached that taxes further their SSI Benefit Check for a required Supplemental Plan “B” Coverage not included in the basic coverage plan, did you expect something else from Washington? It doesn’t end there, if your total family income is greater then their program guidelines allow you your costs could increase dramatically, death benefits, given me a break! If our Veteran elects to keep his VA Coverage instead, even though he’s still maintains his service-connected disability rating, he/she at the age of 65 then chooses to go to the private sector Health Care System using Medicare/Medicaid or some other employment benefit that’s community based years later that Veteran will be charged a 10% penalty for each year they were cared for by the VA… Sounds a whole lot like the 401K scenario Retirees are required to pay for using their own money, who wrote this legislation, who voted for this criminally insane stealing from our seniors, our Veterans all, these people who have done no wrong, people who are seeking relief from a tax burden that defies logic, people who are being herded like cattle to the slaughter houses, to rendering companies of their peers, people in public office, in retirement homes, run by local, state, an federal governments.