How To Stay Anonymous Online: Best Tools for 2014

Written by Gina Smith

aNewDomain — From NeoMam, the same folks who produced the viral hit infographic, How To Disappear Completely Online, comes this How To Stay Anonymous Online in 2014 infographic.

Created using data from, Code Diaries, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and more, this thoughtful graphic provides a thorough explainer on how you can use proxy servers, a virtual private network (VPN) and the latest in encryption software to make sure you leave the lightest possible trail online. It’s the money and it’s my choice for the week’s best infographic, hands down.

Special thanks to Meilen Lagundino for giving us an early look at at the How To Stay Anonymous Online infographic NeoMam did for WhoIsHostingThis. Check it out below.


How To Stay Anonymous Online infographic: Neomam

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  • Nice piece. I’ve been using proxy servers for years and it’s nice to see the media giving an honest look at the available privacy options.