Starbucks to Open Starbucks In Starbucks

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Written by Daniel Zweier

We’ll be able to serve twice the people half as quickly. It’s basic math.

aNewDomain — Starbucks announced plans to open a micro-Starbucks within a handful of Starbucks worldwide, which is the first in what may be an emerging coffee shop trend in dense metropolitan areas.

“There was already a Starbucks across the street, and down the street, and one every block for the next five blocks, so we had a real estate brainstorm,” said Martin Travis, a spokesman for Starbucks. “The solution actually came from the children’s book ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,’ which I was reading to my daughter at that time.”

breville coffee starbucksStarbucks reasons that if it opens another Starbucks within an existing Starbucks, it will capture a built-in crowd of people who like coffee enough to enter the bigger Starbucks.

“We’ll be able to serve twice the people half as quickly. It’s basic math,” Travis said.

The inevitable collapse of space necessitates such a bold move and Starbucks believes it has the brains and capital to pull it off. To differentiate between stores, the micro-Starbucks will brand all its cups, signs and aprons in a happier shade of green. And in keeping with the “micro” trend, everything will be 11/16th the size, except the drinks.

“One line will simply lead to another, deeper line,” Travis said. “And we hope the morning buns will run out much later in the day.”

For aNewDomain’s Skewed News, I’m Daniel Zweier.

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