St. Patricks Day Jib Jab with John C Dvorak, Gina Smith, Ant Pruitt, Leo Laporte, Team

Written by Joy Ma

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013: Doing the jig above are founders Gina Smith, Jerry Pournelle, John C. Dvorak, plus our Ant Pruitt and chief TWiT Leo Laporte Thanks to our Joy Ma and Julie Blaustein for this cool greeting. — From all of us here at, Happy St. Patrick”s Day 2013. Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Jib Jab celebration our senior photo editor Julie Blaustein put together for the occasion. It features our co-founding editors John C. Dvorak, Gina Smith and Jerry Pournelle — plus our Ant Pruitt.

Also featured is our favorite Brick House video podcaster, head TWiT Leo Laporte, with whom Gina hosted a national radio show for nearly a decade. Via TWiT, Gina recruited much of our edit team. Julie couldn’t include everyone so here’s a link to our whole edit team.  

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