Luxury Technology Show: ISPBC Self-Powered Building Tech News

Written by Gina Smith

At the RAND Luxury Technology Show in New York, ISPBC-compliant self powered smart building tech debuts in full force. Find the latest news on the show here. — At the Luxury Technology Show opening in New York City, the International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC) showed its autonomous technologies for self-powered buildings.

For starters, MPH Studio execs will be showing the firm’s solar-powered SuperGlass PVtable, powered by ISPBC compliant smart building tech. The MPH Environments 2014 video, below, fully describes the sort of design aesthetic that Luxury Technology Show attendees will be experiencing on a number of levels. It’s a fitting start for a high-end show in which luxury tech, services and gadgets will debut in Luxury-signature style.

Our reporters Alfred Poor and Al Green will be at the Luxury Technology Show to capture some of high points of the high life — on video. In the meantime, check out the MPH video below and scroll below to see what other ISPBC companies have in store.

MPH Environments 2014 from MPH Studio on Vimeo.

Also at the RAND Luxury Technology Show in New York, solar window leader Rainbow Solar Inc. (RSI) will show its wall cum windows curtain system. That’s another ISPBC standards based product, as is its Solar Powered PV-table.

RSI PV-Window, execs claim, is a global first time-wise and size-wise. It’s essentially a huge solar powered, “curtain-wall-scale PV window system,” reps said. And it is available in sizes of up to 3M x1.3M.

Also of note is the RSI PV-table. Execs appearing at the RAND Luxury Technology Show say it is the world’s first ever and “largest high-gain solar powered” table. Available in sizes up to 3M x 1.3M, the RSI PV-tables are showing in jet black, stainless steel and rose-toned gold frame versions.

Other ISPBC compliant products and services on display at the RAND Luxury Technology Show include tech from Untapped Water Systems. UWS at the show will announce the “rose-gold edition” of its AIR X Atmospheric Water Generator. Reps say it the purifies indoor air while producing high-quality drinking water.

Untapped Water Systems (UWS) premieres the rose-gold edition of AIR X Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) producing the highest quality drinking water from the atmosphere while purifying the air with integrated XTI 3D-AIR technology for an optimal indoor environment increasing the quality of life. Glass Smart Display System and Electric-Curtain also will be in full force at the show. The two products — integrated — combine electric curtain tech with a gesture/touch UI controlled TV wall made of translucent glass.

Also at the RAND Technology Show attendees will see Zero-Energy Windows and Auto Glass. Both, reps say, employ nano-shielding tech enabling them to bring unprecedented levels of UV and IR radiation, thereby reducing heat. The low-thermal emission (low e) glass provides 80 percent transparency, reps say.

NanoWire Hot Glass Technology will be showing ISPBC-compliant heat-wire tech designed particularly for modules, skylight and glass windows. This is glass-embedded heat wire tech that is designed to automatically remove snow and fog from such appropriately equipped windows.

Another interesting ISPBC product to debut at the RAND Luxury Technology Show is the Nano-Facemask from XTI. Reps say this is nano-coating that is self-cleaning, anti-microbial, sustainable and blocks mold and odor.

ISPBC autonomous technologies will be all over the place at the RAND Luxury Technology Show in New York City on March 4, 2014. And our reporters will be crawling the luxury floors, too. In style.

Check out our coverage of the RAND Luxury Technology Show in New York City as it unfolds.

For, I’m Gina Smith.


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