Prepared for Mobile Marketing Dominance: Nashville’s Horton Group

Written by Brant David

Mobile apps and mobile websites are the new powerhouse marketing vehicles for our clients, say execs at Nashville’s Horton Group. Brant David reports. — Here’s a mobile marketing newsflash for you: We are coming up on a mobile device and multimedia dominated world, whether we’re talking the sale of local goods or services, or music promotion, or being sociable, or, well, just about anything. I know, I know … mobile technology’s impending world domination crept up on us all. Read further to hear about Horton Group’s mobile marketing strategy.

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At the start of the 21st century I began working in the multimedia marketing industry. This happened when I got hired by Jack Campbell, who ran a family-centered and multiple-award-winning multimedia marketing firm which he founded in 1981. Although nationally recognized and featuring some Fortune 500 companies among its clientele, the business’ offices were located in the tiny town of Richland, New Jersey, close to where I lived.

I moved on and into my own thing in the spring of 2004, and Jack had by then relocated the business’ offices to Bonita Springs, FL. In Southern Florida Jack and I, as the company’s sales department, had built up a substantial clientele for the business. But I’ve remained in touch with the family, and Jack and I even did a little project together in 2010.

Today, Jack is still going strong as the chief creative guy at the esteemed Horton Group of Nashville, Tennessee, where his son Charley is a website developer and project manager. Jack works out of his Bonita Springs satellite office.

Jack recently contacted me for the first time in a little while to tell me of some exciting developments, at Horton and in the fast-paced world of business mobile apps development. Ned Horton, the ring leader, had something to tell me, too. He said:

We have been providing marketing tools for our clients since 1996 but rarely, if ever, have we found such a powerhouse marketing vehicle for our clients as mobile apps and mobile websites. I could rattle off some astounding numbers on how many smartphones are out there and how many searches are done from mobile devices but one only has to do a Google search to verify the unbelievably-explosive growth of mobile-related sales.

Our clients who are getting the biggest benefit from mobile marketing are the small businesses like restaurants, night clubs, spas, law firms, realtors, trade associations, and essentially any organization that wants to reach out to its clients and prospects at a cost per day that’s less than that for a cup of coffee.

Another huge reason we’re so excited about building apps for small businesses is that if they have a website then it’s almost effortless on the clients’ side. We can have a brief 15-minute meeting and deliver the working app to the Apple and Android Stores and Google Play in as little as two weeks.

While the Horton Group can provide the full panoply of marketing tools to clients, it has gone to a “mobile first” website-design philosophy, meaning that the priority with any website design or upgrade is to first make it attractive and user-friendly for mobile devices. Ned and Jack are certain beyond any doubt that the clock is ticking down to the day when mobile devices are the dominant platform for consuming website content.

This is all a far cry from the days of the infomercials upon which Jack first founded his business. Smaller, faster, less expensive … and more nomadic: That’s the way we’re trending in business and in life, online and in real time.

For, I’m Brant David.

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