App of the Day: Get Fit with Pact for Android

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Written by Becket Morgan

Need a little extra incentive to meet your fitness goals? Pact offers a platform for you to set personal goals and pay up if you don’t meet them.

aNewDomain — Make a bet with yourself to get fit and stay there. Pact is a fitness app that challenges you to make a weekly agreement with yourself and others to exercise more, eat more vegetables and log your meals — or a combination of all three.

Need some extra incentive? The app allows you to set an amount you will pay other members if you don’t meet your goals (you can also reap rewards for meeting your goals). Not quite gambling, Pact really depends on your willpower.

Pact Functionality

pactSet weekly goals for yourself and use the app to track your progress toward individual benchmarks. Activity progress is verified using GPS and photos (all actions must be verified in order to count toward your progress). Pact is there to keep you motivated and working toward your goals, so almost all aspects of the app are flexible and customizable.

There are three different kinds of pacts you can make.

  1. The Gym Pact helps you make progress toward your exercise goals. Any gym workout, run, bike ride of 30 minutes or more, or day with at least 10,000 steps counts toward your Pact.
  2. The Veggie Pact helps you commit to eating more fruits and vegetables each week. You can submit your progress by taking a photo of your fruits or veggies and having it verified by the Pact community.
  3. The Food Log Pact helps you commit to tracking what you eat. Using the partner app from MyFitnessPal, this pact helps you track progress to meet your weight goals.

You can even earn cash rewards from Pact for meeting your goals. Depending on the number of activities you commit to and the number of days you meet your goals, weekly rewards range from $0.30 to $5.

Need extra incentive to give it a try (as if there isn’t enough)? The app is available free for Android on Google Play and for Apple iOS.

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