CES 2018 Robot Videos: Here’s The Ultimate Collection

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Written by Gina Smith

We rounded up all the CES 2018 robot videos we could find. Check them out here. By GINA SMITH

Above: At CES 2018, robot strippers set aside all modesty, setting the stage for the most robot-crazed CES show ever.

aNewDomain — The world’s biggest geek fest went batty for bots this week.

And who could blame us? Robots were everywhere and doing everything imaginable at this week’s CES 2018 geek fest in Las Vegas. Consumer tech firms around the world used the opportunity to launch (or relaunch) literally dozens of new consumer and industrial robots over the last few days. From sex bots to dog bots to bartender bots,  here’s the ultimate CES 2018 robot roundup.

Smart and leggy

You know Sophia. It’s Hanson Robotics’ telegenic humanoid robot, and it (she) has been grabbing headlines ever since Saudi Arabia made her an official Saudi Arabian . citizen back in October. Not bad for a cute, talkative and slightly creepy robot, right?

Sophia was all head, torso and arms until this week, though. Now she has legs.

Watch Sophia’s first, tentative steps in this video from CNET, below.

But Sophie’s legs weren’t the only reason Sophie ended up with so much CES celebrity this year. There was Sophie’s trolling of supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who had criticized Sophie’s makeup the month before.

Sophie also made the interview rounds, participating in numerous and philosophical one-on-one interviews, like this one with a BBC reporter on Tuesday …

Good dog!

Sony first released its cute robotic dog in the late 1990s, but retired the old boy in 2006. Now Aibo’s back. Check it out, below.

Sexpot Sexbots

Abyss, maker of the Harmony sexbot, announced and showed a new sex ‘personality” for its line of sexpot sexbots.

Engadget’s editor-in-chief did a hands-on with Solana at the publication’s After Hours event earlier this week. It’s well worth a watch. Check it out, below.

A robot fighter

Forget the sex toys for a second though. Because what you really need is Pilot’s new $1,600 Zeus battle bot, right?


May I take your order, please?

Also at the show this week, LG introduced a whole line of concept robots, including hospitality-targeted serving and porter robots, and a shopping cart to help you find items and pay for them at the supermarket. Here’s what their CES 2018 coming out party looked like.


Will Segway’s personal robot ride one?

Also at the show, Segway unveiled the Loomo, which it calls a “personal video.” How personal? See for yourself, below.

Robots with compassion. Is that too much to ask?

Honda introduced its new 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) Robotics concept at CES 2018, and demonstrated a whole array of experimental technologies around the concept that it calls “compassionate robotics.”

We can live with that. Here’s the video:

If you want to know more, check out this Honda Global concept video about the new 3E line . ..

A beer bot. Why didn’t we think of that?

Meet the Aeolus Robot. The robot servant is still just in protoype phases, but we’re happy to check out any emerging tech that will pick up after us, sweep, mop and bring us another beer.

Here’s what CNET had to say about it:

Triple word score? Again?

No CES 2018 robot video roundup would be complete without some footage of ITRI’s Scrabble-playing robot, a demo intended to showcase the Taiwanese company’s accomplishments in computer vision and hand-eye coordination.

Buddy’s Back

Like Aibo,  Buddy the Robot’s creators at Blue Frog Robotics took it off the market for a big makeover. And now Buddy, billed as a home security robot, is back. Check it out, below.

Japan’s Seven Dreamers were also at CES 2018, launching what might be the most optimistic robot startup ever. It’s the Laundroid. It’s a genius with folding the laundry. And for $16,000, it ought to be. Watch:

This is still a developing story. We’ll be updating it with more CES 2018 robot videos over the next few days. Stay tuned!

For RobotRepublic, I’m Gina Smith.

An earlier version of this CES 2018 robot video roundup ran earlier today on our sister site, RobotRepublic.  And RR reporter Skimbo Jones contributed to this roundup. – Ed.