MWC 2014: AppMachine Pro (Hands On Preview, Video)

Written by Todd Townsend

AppMachine announces a pro version at MWC 2014, new subscription pricing and the AppMachine Block Store. Check out Todd Townsend’s hands-on preview, analysis and aNewDomain TV video here –Here at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, I checked out AppMachine. Execs demoing at the ShowStoppers press event showed me the new pro version of its speedy native mobile app development program.

Here’s the AppMachine deep dive I did at the ShowStoppers press event. Scroll below the fold for more details and analysis.

Video: Todd Townsend for aNewDomain/shooter Al Green, exec producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

The firm also announced new subscription model pricing for the three levels of AppMachine. Previously, AppMachine targeted non-technical app developers. The new pro version contains advanced features that let professional developers use the development platform for higher end results, CEO Siebrand Dijkstra told me at the show.

The new pro version is a step up from what you previously got with AppMachine. With the pro version, more-experienced developers now are able to import Excel-based customer, employee and product lists. They’re also able to add public and private web services to their apps and use home-grown JavaScript code in them.

It’s possible, with the pro version, for app designers to build custom blocks of code that are reusable in other apps they build now or in the future.

The new subscription tri-parte pricing model reflects the fact that the AppMachine platform is now available in three versions: AppMachine Basic, AppMachine Plus and AppMachine Pro.

The Basic version still addresses non-technical app developers just looking for a quick way to distribute straight HTML5 web apps. The Plus version supports both web and native apps.

The new AppMachine Pro lets app developers and their partners extend the platform with their own blocks — or add public blocks to the mix. Later this year, it’ll be possible to distribute their blocks in an upcoming AppMachine Block Store.

Find subscription pricing details here. Watch this space for my ShowStoppers interview with AppMachine execs to get more details.

For and aNewDomainTV, I’m Todd Townsend reporting from MWC 2014 in Barcelona.

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