MobileViews: Apple speculation and connected devices

Written by Todd Ogasawara

Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall speculate about Apple’s October 16 announcements, discuss connected devices and offer a few tips. Hear the podcast here. — Time for another MobileViews Podcast, with me and Jon Westfall. In this podcast (number 99!) we speculate on what Apple will announce on October 16 and focus on its teaser tag line: “It’s been way too long.” We also talk about connected health devices like the Fitbit, an interesting update for Google’s Chromecast and offer a few tips and products picks. Listen below.

Links and break-down of Mobile Views Podcast 99


Tips and Product Picks

  • LEGO mini-figs to hold Apple lightning and other thin cables.
  • MMS support added to Google Voice. Enables support for Fandango movie tickets and other image based text messages.
  • Diaries — the kind you might actually keep up with. Or for the young crowd: a social network of one.
    • Day One (Mac OS / iOS). Reminds you to write entries, gives you prompts to get you thinking (i.e. “What was your favorite game in childhood?”).
    • Evernote emailed with tags. Shorthand: @notebook #tag in email subject to auto categorize.
    • Automating your life: Hazel & Keyboard Maestro for Mac OS X, IFTTT and Dropbox as a go-between.

Konspiracy Korner

For aNewDomain with Todd and Jon’s Weekly Review Spotlight, I’m Todd Ogasawara.

Featured photo: Todd Ogasawara