Here Are The Five Best Reasons To Install a Metal Roof

metal roof wikimedia commons
Written by aNewDomain Staff

Whether you’re replacing an old roof or starting from scratch, a metal roof can be ideal. Here’s what you need to know …

Opting for a metal roof used to be an unconventional choice. No longer. 

Metal is a great material for new construction, or if you need to replace your aging roof. Whether you choose aluminum, tin or galvanized tin, agricultural metal roofing or residential roofing options,  there’s a metal roof out there to suit your needs and preferences.

Metal roofing offers a number of advantages. Here are a few of them:


A metal roof typically includes a lot of recycled content. The choice reduces your carbon footprint and, when you’re ready to replace it, you, too, can recycle it.

Also, because metal roofs are relatively lightweight, they are easily transportable, further reducing their environmental impact.

Fast installation 

If you’re replacing your old roof with a new metal roof, you don’t have to remove the existing one first. You install a metal room directly on top of your existing roof. That minimizes installation time. Firms like Lyndhurst Lumber, an Ohio-based construction company, will walk you through all the necessary renovation requirements in no time.

Energy savings

If you think a metal roof will make it too hard to keep the building cool, think again. Metal roofing is associated with up to 95 percent solar reflexivity. That prevents your home from overheating and will save you air conditioning costs, too. All of that adds up to big energy savings.


Conventional roofs generally last about 20 years. That’s short, especially when you consider your house will last much longer. A metal roof can last decades longer, which explains why most metal roofs available now include warranties of 50 years or more.

Metal, after all, is weather resistant. Its texture means rain and snow easily slide off. And though there is a common misconception metal roofs are dangerous in thunderstorms,  that is demonstrably false. Because lightning seeks a path to the ground and a metal roof is ungrounded, it won’t attract lighting.

As a result, it offers the same level of protection from lighting strikes as wood and asphalt roofs do. Also, the interlocking nature of metal prevents leaks and pests from interfering with the structure, creating an immeasurable peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

But the best news about metal roof products is that they sharply decrease the frequency of future roof repairs.  You might need to touch it up with a gloss of paint every now again, or perform some resealing every 20 years or so, but besides that your roof will stand the test of time with little work needed.

To keep your roof clean, just hose it down. Metal roofs won’t rust or corrode, and are impervious to water so dry out quickly.

Cover image by Père Igor, CC BY-SA 3.0.