Happy New Year 2013: Marvel-DC Parody Greeting Card

Written by Gina Smith

Marvel-DC Parody Greeting Card — Happy New Year 2013 — video parody, two in a series taking aim at DC/Marvel. Collect them all. Cute.

Happy New Year 2013. Seen this Marvel/DC Comics New Year Card parody greeting yet? The folks at the ItsJustSomeRandomGuy’s YouTube channel posted the below and it’s still posting these little parodies. This one is No. 2 in its series of 2013 New Year greetings this year. Collect them all. And have a geeky New Year from all of us here at aNewDomain.net.¬†And forget self-improvement. We like you just fine.

Thanks for making our year so successful, community, your continuing submissions to our photo and edit departments rock so hard. And keep those emails coming. Your additions to our Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ streams are the money. HNY!- the editors.

Marvel-DC Parody Greeting Card Credit: ItsJustSomeRandomGuy

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