What Is Facebook Search? CEO Mark Zuckerberg How Facebook Graph Search Works video

Written by Gina Smith

As the industry struggles to make sense of the new Facebook Graph Search and how it works — our team is digging into its ramifications and architecture now — let’s start with the Facebook-produced Mark Zuckerberg How Facebook Graph Search Works video. Look at it with a critical eye. As we unravel this, it’ll be interesting to see if this is gloss or granite. And whether and what the privacy implications are of anyone being able to search your history, via timelines or whatever, of years of bad photos you’ve been posting there. Or call me paranoid. Our deep dive coming. This is the appetizer.

We are digging into the new Facebook Graph Search capability – what it is, how it works, whether it affects Facebook users positively or negatively and so on. Digging in hard. It’ll take awhile to unravel. In the means, the No. 1 question everyone is asking is — what is it?

There are tons of explanations all over the Web, lots of conflicting theories about how it really works, how it will affect the industry and, especially, how it will help or hinder the privacy of millions and millions of Facebook members. I’ll collect the best analysis as I find it while our aNewDomain.net staff of tech pros takes time to do a truly deep look at it from all possible angles.

For now, let’s start with how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defines it. Here’s the Mark Zuckerberg How Facebook Graph Search Works Video, posted by Facebook this week. On YouTube. Which brings up another question. If Facebook is doing search — and smartphones — will it follow Google and do a YouTube, too? That’s my prediction. Comments from the floor?

Mark Zuckerberg How Facebook Graph Search Video: Facebook on YouTube

Disclosure: The video above is Facebook produced. As journalists, we post it for your information but we cannot validate or invalidate or otherwise judge its content until we look at this for ourselves.

Stay tuned for a lot of deep analysis around how Facebook Graph Search works and how it’s different from the results Google or Microsoft give you. In the video above, Zuckerberg says that Google just provides a search for everything. But Facebook, because it knows you and your friends, will give you more personalized results, he claims. I will have to see this to believe it — and I worry about privacy, too.

Don’t Google+ and Google’s collection of your preferences and usage history on its various services already provide that — a bit? How is this different? And do you really want people searching old pictures of you on Facebook with incriminating terms? Call me paranoid.

Or call me Gina Smith, edit director and commentator here with John C. Dvorak and the amazing team of tech pros and journalists here at aNewDomain.net. Let us know what you think. I would love to hear what CIOs and tech pros think. Scary? A non-story? Comment below or swing me a comment on, um, Google + — I’m +Gina Smith there. Follow me @ginasmith888 and our site’s news and reviews as they break at @anewdomain

Can’t wait to hear what you think as we take this intriguing announcement apart …