Macworld 2013 Apps: Tech 411 Todd Moore, Oscar Santana, App Fatigue

You’ve heard the previous app picks, but which apps are still on your device? This week on Tech 411 Todd Moore and Oscar Santana look back at their previous app picks and discuss if they’re still installed. — It’s Macworld 2013 apps gone wild in San Francisco this week and our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana are also¬†going app crazy on this latest episode of Tech 411. Listen to this short, sweet show below.

This week on the show Todd Moore, Oscar Santana, and our Ant Pruitt also examine previous app picks they’ve made on the show.

They talk about app fatigue — the phenomenon of getting tired of the apps you buy or download for free. Ever get that?

Check out this week’s episode of Tech 411 here on Head to for more information on his show and his award-winning app, White Noise.