Luxury Review 2014: Hacker-Craft Racer Unveiled (gallery)

Written by Todd Townsend

We’re live at The Luxury Review in Manhattan. Check out the custom Hacker-Craft Racer. Based on famed naval architect John Hacker’s 1923 design, this boat is gorgeous … check out the details, plus video and photos here. — Our team is in Manhattan covering The Luxury Review. Here you’ll find some 35 of the world’s top luxury brands. Among them — and right outside The Altman Building — we found the 26-foot custom built Hacker-Craft Racer.

Scroll below the fold for pics and video of the Hacker-Craft, built according to the 1923 design published by famed naval architect and Hacker-Craft founder John L. Hacker. It’s gorgeous.


Hacker Boat Company’s Kenneth J. Rawley told me that Hacker, the single biggest American manufacturer of classic mahogany motorboats, is only shipping custom designs of this model, which will set you back $270K to $280K US. There are three Hacker-Craft Racers available to test drive in Florida and New York.

Check out the interior.


Back in the 1930s, Rawley told me, Hacker-Crafts were known as the “Steinways of Runabouts.”


Video: Todd Townsend for aNewDomainTV/Marc Klempf, Justin Webb producing

Here’s my video interview with Rawley, director of marketing for the Lake George, NY-based Hacker Boat Company.




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