Editorial: Will Joe Ward Save Journalism? Meet LiveX.TV

Written by Gina Smith

aNewDomain.net announces it is signing on with LiveX.TV, Joe Ward’s Youtube service on steroids. Real journalism. Real production values and ethics. Can it be done? We’re doing it.

We’re psyched to announce aNewDomain.net is joining Venturebeat and other top tier tech media outlets to bring content to LiveX.TV. Think of it as a kind of YouTube on steroids — with a Pandora like streaming system built-in.

What makes LiveX.TV different? One, the fact that it’s a tech platform, more than a channel. Cloud-based video news and views, 24/7, from tech to sports and everything in between. But more importantly, IMO, the key difference has to do with founder Joe Ward’s dream, which mirrors our aspirational goals and ethics here at aNewDomain.net. He wants to save journalism and bring back serious reporting. That means ethical, deep and continuing coverage of news you care about. Not press release after press release. Reporting. Interviews. Perspectives. Real investigations. Combine that with talent and production values and suddenly we’ve got a whole new game in town.

I met Joe Ward through a mutual friend in Palo Alto recently and, when he said he aimed to be the new News Corp. of online tech journalism, I knew he would or die trying. We’re in it with him. Check out LiveX.TV here — it is already up and running — and expect aNewDomain.net‘s tech channel soon. Congrats also to my old colleague, Venturebeat chief Dylan Tweney, for inking a deal with Joe, too. The list of partners Joe is signing is awesome. Watch this guy closely.

His dream is deliver a transparent, real time TV platform that democratizes TV and emphasizes journalism to a point where even anyone in the world with a smart phone and great quality content.  By great quality, he means great journalism — and the bar is high.

Will Joe Ward save journalism? Not alone, but someone’s got to do it It’ll take a lot of committed journalists, a whole new business model and a new tech platform to do it.  It’ll require a commitment to ethics along the lines of what journalists used to follow, like those outlined by the Society for Professional Journalists. A lot of folks don’t remember real journalism. Bringing it back won’t be easy. It’ll probably get messy. But we’re along for the ride. -ED

livextv screenshot