Recycling Music at the Landfill Harmonic: Video of the Week

Written by Gina Smith

This week’s video of the week — Landfill Harmonic — shows the transformational power of music and how some gifted kids in Paraguay are making recycled instruments sing. Mind blowing. Thanks to Tulsa, OK based educator and state school superintendent candidate Joy Hofmeister for the tip. Wow. — This week’s video of the week, Landfill Harmonic, will put a groove in your step. On the heels of multiple studies showing the extraordinary benefits exposure to music has on children’s academic and psychological development, this Landfill Harmonic video shows how some gifted kids in Paraguay are making recycled instruments sing.

Thanks to Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Joy Hofmeister for the video tip. Joy is a candidate for Oklahoma’s State Superintendent of Education spot and a huge supporter of music programs for kids, she says. No wonder. This  Landfill Harmonic video, excerpted from the upcoming Landfill Harmonic movie, is just extraordinary and it’s my selection for aNewDomain’s video of the week.

Watch it in place below.

Video Credit: Bergundee Bordeaux

For more on the Landfill Harmonic movie, click here.

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