iPiccy for Android, iOS: Photo Editing, Gina Smith Exposed

Written by Marc Klempf

Our multiple Emmy-winning photographer Marc Klempf knows his way around high-end photography and the photo tools available. So when he recommends freeware for photo editing we listen. Here he uses our edit director, Gina Smith, as a model. Circa Joan Jett era …

aNewDomain.net — What makes a great photo? The shooter, the subject or the software? There’s a lot of folks out there slinging their Canon EOS-1s and Nikon D600s. But to play at the next level you have to have the right tools. I found a great app for Android and iOS. It’s iPiccy — an online photo app that’s easy and fun.

I took some pictures a couple of decades ago of aNewDomain.net edit director, Gina Smith. That’s her below. Look how iPiccy allowed me to enhance this photo — one of dozens of cool options.


Image credit: Marc Klempf

There is some great photo-editing software out there, Adobe Photo Shop, Corel Paint Shop and Aperture to name just a few. But all of these have steep learning curves. They also have huge file sizes that will clog up your laptop drive. And, unless you are a professional photog, they all sport high price tags.

Check out the Andy Warhol treatment of the semi-ancient (sorry, Gina!) photo below …
gina1984headshotwarholipiccyHere’s a snow effect on that 20th century shot I took in the Joan Jett era. Maybe that is why she looks like Joan Jett. Someone should ask her. LOL.

But what if you don’t want to be the second coming of Ansel Adams? You don’t need to kill an ant with an atomic bomb. Maybe you just want to touch up last year’s Girls Gone Wild party snapshots. Try the iPiccy app. It’s an ingenious online photo editor that’s easy to use, fun and almost addictive.

If iPiccy had come out 10 years ago it would have been revolutionary. The image quality this little app puts out is stunning. You can edit pictures, apply beautiful photo effects, add text and even paint — all in one place and in real-time. Plus it’s free …

Let me share one last iPiccy image of edit director, Gina Smith. As the Traveling Willbury’s once sang, “We were all much older then/we’re younger than that now.”

Here I used the psychedelic effect. You have to download this free app to truly get an image of its power.


Enough of the 1980s throwback stuff. This is serious. Photography is serious and never before has it been possible — and I’m speaking as a photographer — to accomplish what an app like iPiccy lets anyone do for free. I mean, take Bruce Weber.

Weber is a legendary, iconic photographer. He shot ads for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and Versace.

But Bruce should take a look at what is happening to his art. As epitomized by iPiccy, there’s a new kid in town. He won’t want to hear it, but move over and give him some breathing room, Bruce.

He’s packing iPiccy. Or something every bit as threatening. I love it.

I’m Marc Klempf for aNewDomain.net.

Based in Atlanta, Marc Klempf is the executive video producer for our upcoming tech, science, music, gadgets and mobile video channel. Hang on to your hats for that, and read more of Marc’s articles here on aNewDomain.net.