How to Transfer iTunes to HTC One M8

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Written by Brian Burgess

Brian Burgess explains how to transfer iTunes to the HTC One M8. Find out how to move your Windows files, too.

aNewDomain — The HTC One M8 is one of the more popular Android smartphones on the market, and you want to make sure all your important media transfers without a hitch. Did you know you can transfer iTunes to HTC One M8 smartphones — and also move other file types from your Windows PC? It’s free and easy. Here’s how.

To get started you will only need to grab the HTC Sync Manager and, of course, your HTC One M8 smartphone and a Windows PC. This process works on other HTC model smartphones as well, so those with the new HTC One M9 (or any other model, really), take note.

How to import iTunes into an HTC One M8 (from a Windows PC)

As I stated above, the process begins when you download the HTC Sync Manager. The program is free, and HTC designed it so that you can transfer all your media, like videos, photos, music and other files, onto your phone without a hitch. You can even use the program to play your desktop media, which is a nifty feature.

After you install the Sync Manager, launch it. It might look like this:

HTC-Sync-Manager 1

Then plug in your HTC One M8 with a micro-USB cable. Wait for the Sync Manager to recognize your device.

One of the best parts of the Sync Manager is its ability to find all your media. If you have files split up between Windows Media Player and iTunes, which a lot of people do, don’t worry. The Sync Manger will scan all the files on your computer to find your media.

Once the Sync Manager has found your media, it’s time to transfer. As you can see below, each album or song contains a small grey phone-looking logo under the pic art. Just click this logo to transfer media to your phone. Once it has been transferred, the grey phone will turn to a blue phone, and you’ll know it’s on your device. You can remove files in this way too — just click the phone logo when it is blue and it will remove that media from the phone.

HTC sync manager 2

If you like to keep all of your music arranged by playlists, right-click the album art and select Copy to Phone > New Playlist.

HTC sync manager 3

Once you’ve transferred some music, you can open your HTC One M8 and check out how it looks. Here’s what my Music app looks like:

HTC sync manager 4

In my experience the HTC Sync Manager works well, but if you want to manually copy your files you can do that, too. For example, when you plug in your HTC One M8 to your PC, navigate to your Music folder. In Windows 8.1 that typically looks like this: PC/831C/Internal storage/mobile/music. Just drag the files you want onto the small phone logo on the left, and they’ll move to the phone.

HTC Sync Manager 5

The HTC Sync Manager works great for music, but it does so much more. Pretty much any file can be transferred, and it can even sync your calendars, contacts and bookmarks, too.

If my How to wasn’t enough, HTC has put together a helpful video to navigate the Sync Manager.

HTC One M8 Video: HTC Tutorials YouTube channel

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