How to Disappear Online (tips, infographic)

Written by Tom Ewing

Here’s how to disappear online. First, advises this infographic, delete your current Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. Then search for those and other accounts you’ve forgotten. Delete those, too. Can’t delete something? No worries. It’s time to falsify … Here’s how. — With everything you’ve done on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn over the years, some of it inadvisable perhaps, you might be wondering how to disappear online.

What to do first? Well, deactivate your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, of course. Easier said than done — but it is doable. Check the infographic below for step-by-step instructions. Next, search for yourself online. That’s right — look for yourself. You might find old MySpace accounts, for example, with your name on them. Or old blogs.

Find anything you can’t delete. Then do what the infographic below recommends. Falsify your own information. Rename yourself. Feel good about it. If you want to disappear online, you’ve got to get creative. Now check out the How To Disappear Online infographic, below.

How to Disappear Online

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