How Math Formulas Impart Wisdom [infographic]

Written by Gina Smith

Does Einstein’s Relativity Theory have any real life implications? Heck, yes. If you’re willing to receive the wisdom these math equations impart, here’s an infographic you’ll love …

aNewDomain– Mathematics principals describe everything in the known universe — but wisdom? It’s possible, as you see, to apply the world’s best-known and key math formulas to daily life. Kind of.

I mean, it’s obvious to everyone by now, right, that the faster you move, the heavier you get. That wisdom comes to us via Einstein’s Relativity Theory below.Check out the video here to find examples of how relativity theory relates to everyday life.

But if you’re looking at a messy desk, be consoled that the tendency to move from order to disorder increases over time.

S = K LOG W.

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I’m Gina Smith and this is aNewDomain.