Cannabis Concentrates Cup 2016: What Is Up with Lil Wayne?

lil wayne high times cannabis concentrates cup
Written by aNewDomain Staff

Lil Wayne hightailed it off the High Times Cannabis Concentrates Cup stage this weekend. But why?

aNewDomainLil Wayne was just three songs into his performance at the Cannabis Concentrates Cup 2016 event this weekend when he suddenly started a rant. He said, “Don’t you ever, ever, ever ask me to do this s*** again!” before hightailing it off stage.

What was his problem? So far, it’s unclear. Even execs at High Times, which sponsors the show, seemed to have no idea. Here’s the full text of a prepared statement released Sunday afternoon:

High Times works tirelessly to produce professional events that are entertaining, educational and fun for the thousands of marijuana and music enthusiasts who attend our Cannabis Cups — including night two of the 3 day HIGH TIMES Medical Concentrates Cup at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, CA. (The magazine) has a rich history of bringing superstar musical talent to Cannabis Cups including Wiz Khalifa, The Roots, De La Soul, Wyclef Jean, The Game, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and many more.
(We) put on nearly a dozen successful events a year all over the country.  We have no idea why, after a stellar performance by B.o.B,  Lil Wayne suddenly ended his performance after just four songs when he was contractually committed to performing for an hour for the fans. We are truly baffled by why Lil Wayne would do this in front of thousands of Cannabis Cup attendees – in total disregard for his fans – and are awaiting an explanation from his team.”

Stay tuned.

Image:, All Rights Reserved, via Instagram.