HeadTrainer for Android/iOS: App of The Day

headtrainer for android headtrainer for itunes
Written by Gina Smith

A lot of athletic performance is in the mind, which is why HeadTrainer for Android and iOS is so cool. Cognitive training for adult and junior athletes could make a real difference. HeadTrainer is our app of the day today at aNewDomain …

aNewDomain — A lot of athletic performance is mind work. HeadTrainer for Android and Apple iOS is an app designed to help adult and junior athletes jumpstart performance through cognitive skill exercises.

headtrainer for android headtrainer for itunesSo what’s special about HeadTrainer? A team of scientists and medical experts helped the developers at HeadTrainer Inc. come up with the app’s visually stimulating and always-changing mental workouts.

The sports-themed workouts are intended to help you assess and improve focus, concentration, visual/spatial awareness, decision making and memory, all cognitive skills that make a difference in sports and other athletic pursuits.headtrainer for android headtrainer for itunes

Headtrainer for Android and iOS has a social component, of course. That allows you to invite and share data with friends, contacts and teammates. The game engine lets you win “experience points” and win virtual trophies, too.

But HeadTrainer’s standout feature truly lies in its robust multimedia function. In the app, you’ll find not just instruction but also encouragement from top athletes. It’s pretty nice.

HeadTrainer for Android is available now at Google Play. The iOS version is on iTunes. There’s a pay version, but you can get a ton of functionality for free. And you should.

This is a really cool app, which is why it’s my choice today for aNewDomain’s app of the day.

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.