Inching Toward A Free Market: Cuban Economic Reforms [infographic]

cuban economic reforms infographic
Written by David Street

Cuba is ever inching toward the creation of a free market. Check out the Cuban Economic Reforms infographic right here to see what’s going down down there.

aNewDomain — Here’s how Cuba is gradually inching its way toward free markethood. In the Cuba: A Snapshot infographic, below, you’ll find a lot about ongoing Cuban economic reforms. Enjoy.

cuban economic reforms infographic
Cuba: A Snapshot infographic: Reported by @NickMiroff and Designed by @KyleyKim/via

For aNewDomain, I’m David Street.

Ed: David Street is COO of aNewDomain and will serve in that role also for aNewDomain’s upcoming site, Connecting US Entreprenuers to Cuban Business. Led by our Larry Press, the site is coming soon.