Freeware Friday: Key Ring for Android, Apple iOS

Our Jeremy Lesniak tests the Key Ring smartphone app. His conclusion? Ditch the plastic and download Key Ring. Your pockets and your wallet will thank you. – Mobestream Media’s Key Ring app is a handy alternative to plastic loyalty cards. It makes a wallet full of plastic about as relevant as a Rolodex. Better yet, it’s free. And it’s my choice for this week’s Freeware Friday here at

KeyRing lets you scan, store and track merchant rewards cards direct from your smartphone. It also lets you join new programs, receive mobile coupons and synchronize the app online.

Key Ring Website Screenshot
The app lets you add cards. Just scan them in. Use the barcode and a smartphone camera or just enter it manually.  KeyRing produced merchant information for every barcode I scanned, but the manual entry option would also have done the job.

You can also enter data from the website. You’ll have to create an account to do this, but it’s worth it — the website synchronizes beautifully with the app. And it maintains a backup of your data that easily transfers to a new phone.

I tested the app while shopping recently. The store bar code scanners had trouble scanning my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, but I’m fairly certain that my Zagg screen protector was to blame. Fortunately, Key Ring displays both the barcode and the numbers associated with each program, so cashiers could enter the numbers manually. Sure, I received some strange looks for using the app. But I didn’t get any resistance for my app-based loyalty card.Key Ring App Screenshot
I like Key Ring. It works, and it’s free. I tested the app on Android (4.0), but you can also find compatible versions for Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Apple iOS.

There are similar apps available, but I have yet to test them. If you’ve found one you like, please leave me a comment below. Until then, I’ll continue to use this quality app. My pockets and my wallet are happier for it.

Visit Key Ring’s site to download the app for your mobile OS.
Image credits: Jeremy Lesniak

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  • I love it except I still have to carry my gas rewards card. Most gas pumps cannot scan a phone screen. Otherwise, my wallet got a lot thinner.