Five Travel Apps You Totally Need This Summer

five essential travel apps summer travel apps Android ios
Written by Alicia Chinatomby

It’s summer. Here are five travel apps that will help you make the most of your vacations, roadtrips and outdoor adventures. Let Alicia Chinatomby show you the essential app picks of summer …

aNewDomain — Now that summer is here, you’re ready for road trips and other easy vacations. For all those new cities, resorts, highways and tourist destinations you plan to conquer some new apps are definitely required. Here are five essential travel apps that will help you get the most of that summer vacation.

travel apps1. PackPoint for Android and Apple iOS ($1.99)

Packing for vacations is tedious. Finding the time between weather checking, planning for fun activities and actually getting on your way is hard, too. PackPoint helps to make all those issues go away. Just enter your vacation plans and the app will do the hard work of finding the right clothes and accessories for the duration of your trip. Umbrellas, scarfs, swim trunks — you name it. PackPoint is on it.

It’s available for $1.99 on GooglePlay and iTunes.

Along the Way for ios travel apps2. Along the Way for Apple iOS ($2.99)

If you’re planning on going on a road trip and want to discover hidden gems along the way — and you have an Apple device — definitely try Along the Way for iOS.

For $2.99, Along the Way for iOS can find local coffee shops, parks, shopping centers, bars and every imaginable sightseeing activity on your route. Usually you have to search with a web-browser or a sight-specific app to find compelling local places — Along the Way gives you everything all at once. The only bummer? It’s not on Android yet. Aw.

field trip for ios fieldtrip for ios travel apps3. Field Trip for Android and Apple iOS (FREE)

Field Trip is a free app that locates and divulges information on restaurants, bars, activities, local events, historical places, even notable architecture. When traveling through multiple cities or just one, you can view its pop up information cards. They provide and useful facts about your chosen destination. It’ll even read the information to you, just like listening to guides on the headphones at your local fancy museum. I can easily imagine this feature being on the original napkin where developers first sketched out the app, it works that well. Like all travel apps, Field Trip is social, too, letting you share your exciting discoveries through Facebook , Twitter, Google+ and by email.

Field Trip is free for Android and Apple iOS.

4. Peek for Apple iOS (FREE)

travel apps peek for iosUnlike other travel apps that are all about spontaneity, Peek works off your personal preferences. After you download Peek for iOS, it starts quizzing you on your travel preferences. The results of that quiz help it to more precisely present activities that’s suit you. I found  a great way to find easily booked activities in new locations, or where you already live. Again, sorry Androids. This isn’t for you yet.

Peek is free for Apple iOS.

rootsrated travel apps5. RootsRated for Apple iOS (FREE)

If you’re at all outdoorsy, check out RootsRated for iOS. It’s a pretty great outdoor activity guide, especially considering that it’s freeware. RootsRated focuses on activities like hiking, trail running, camping and paddling. Wilderness experts provide insights on all these activities at various destinations. And the people behind this app so definitely have the scoop on where to hike, park and how to get there.  If you love the feel of the fresh air on your face and the smell of the natural world all around you, this one’s an A plus summer pick.

Now back away from the screen. It’s time to get out there. Have a great summer, everyone.

For aNewDomain, I’m Alicia Chinatomby.

Image credits in order: Traveling by Liam Moloney via Flickr; Screenshot courtesy of PackPoint; Screenshot courtesy of Along the Way; Screenshot courtesy of Field Trip; Screenshot courtesy of Peek; Screenshot courtesy of RootsRated