Fitness Apps: Endomondo for Android

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Written by Daniel Zweier

Need a fitness jump start? Endomondo will get you there, with interval training, challenges and social features.

aNewDomainEndomondo is fun to say — try it. En-do-mon-do. It’s a combination of “endorphins” and “world” (mondo), which is a slightly roundabout way of indicating that this is a fitness tracker app. The app stands out in a sea of fitness and health-oriented apps, and it’s free for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.

endomondo running appThe Basics

Billed as “a personal trainer in your pocket” Endomondo is both an app- and browser-based service that tracks all levels of your fitness. The most concrete feature is its map oriented design, which tracks your run (or walk or bike or anything, really) as you exercise.

This determines how long your workout was, how far you traveled and it projects a bunch of health statistics too, like your heart rate, elevation gain and calories burned. The app also pairs with other health and tracker technology, like Fitbit.

Endomondo has a pretty heavy social component. So, if you want to share your workouts and connect with a community of fitness oriented individuals, the app will allow and even encourage you to do so. There are “Challenges” built in, which lets you receive or give a challenge to an individual person or group of people, which will make you work a whole lot harder.endomondo challenges

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My only gripe with Endomondo is that some of its best features are only available with the paid, monthly subscription service. It costs $2.50 per month, and lets you get personalized workouts. These workouts are very handy for the individual who needs training or motivation. They keep you on a specific workout schedule, with goals like running a 5k race.

Endomondo is also paired with Under Armour, so expect to see more full integration of its health and fitness line come to the app. Overall, Endomondo is a great little running app, especially if you want to work out in a social context.

For aNewDomain, I’m Daniel Zweier.

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