Feeling Strapped: Six Fun Ways to Make a Little Extra Money on The Side

how to make money on the side
Written by T.E. Wing

Generating a little extra dough is easier than you think. Here’s how.

Who couldn’t use some extra cash?.If your pockets seem perpetually empty, take a look at one or more of these six fun side gigs. Each one could help you make more money–or at least have some fun. If you want to boost your bank account, start looking into one or more of these side gig options.

Invest in the Stock Market

Invest your money. You can typically start a stock market investment with a thousand dollars, so once you’re able to invest, you might want to consider it. You can invest in medical marijuana penny stocks and track the stock market on a regular basis, since you can pull out in time if you notice a drop.

Go Pet Sitting

Taking care of people’s pets while they’re on vacation? Sounds adorable, and easy. While you’ll have to start out with friends and family, there are plenty of people willing to take recommendations from their friends, so you could start pet-sitting for strangers (once removed) in no time.

Head to the Casino

Realistically, you’re not going to make much money doing this, but you will have fun. A weekend at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park in North Bend, OR could be a great way to relax, and as long as you’re smart about your gambling, you won’t spend too much. Plus, you could come home with forty dollars (or hey, maybe more) you didn’t have before.

Sell Your Junk

If you’ve got some cool stuff lying around, don’t leave it in boxes. Don’t throw it out, either. Your junk might be someone else’s treasure, so sell your old stuff on Craig’s List or eBay. If you find you have a knack for it, you can hit up rummage sales and thrift stores, pay less and charge more online, still making a profit on fun stuff you hunted down.

Become a Driver

If you’re a good driver with a reliable car, you could be working on the side for Uber, Lyft or another, similar driving service. Easier than ever with the app, you can work at your own schedule. Plus, it’s a fun way to meet new people and make good money with a skill you already have.

Rent Your Second Bedroom

If you’ve got an extra room, you could be renting your space on airbnb. Another great way to meet new people, you can see a person’s Airbnb rating before you accept their booking. If other renters have found them kind and responsible, then you won’t have any qualms about letting them share your space. After all, that room isn’t making you any money right now.

Making money on the side doesn’t have to be painful of a hassle. Each one of these ways are quick, easy, and most involve a lot of fun. While you might not make any money gambling, and you might get no takers on eBay for your grandfather’s sweater, most of these tips will help you get more cash in no time.