Electric Forest Festival, Day 3: To Shower Or Not?

electric forest festival
Written by Terry Gardner

On day three of the Electric Forest Festival, our fearless correspondents are grappling with sights and smells. And still having fun.

terry-gardner-anewdomainaNewDomain — It’s day three of the Electric Forest Festival 2015, deep in the woods of Rothbury, MI. Our fearless camping correspondents — my nieces Sarah and Katie Rostamo — have been busy gathering experiences. Sarah has been taking photos, and Katie has been reporting. Let’s check in with them.

Aunt Terry: Were you able to snap any pictures of the outside of the showers or porta-potties? (From what Katie describes, nobody wants to see the inside of the porta-potty.)

electric forest festival 2015Katie: Sorry, I haven’t snapped any pics of a porta-potty or shower lines, yet! I will get one of porta-potties today.

Aunt Terry: Sarah, do you have an artsy photo to submit?

Sarah: (nada)electric forest festival 2015

Aunt Terry: Name your favorite bands from yesterday. Has there been any band that you really wanted to see that you ended up thinking was pretty lame?

electric forest festival 2015Katie: My favorites were Bassnectar and Phantogram. And no, everyone has lived up to my expectations!

Aunt Terry: Has everyone paid $10 for a shower? Are some of you stinky? I know that Sarah is pretty thrifty so I’m not sure she would want to pay $10 for a shower.

electric forest festival 2015Katie: Erika and Ashlyn both paid for a shower every day. But Adam and I just used red Solo cups at the water stations and washed ourselves and our hair in our swimsuits, lol. Sarah has yet to clean herself in any way, haha.

Aunt Terry: Would Adam like to make a comment about anything?

Adam: (nada)

Aunt Terry: Anything else?

Katie: I have seen about ten girls just completely topless.

Aunt Terry: What about Sarah?

Sarah: (nada)

electric forest festival 2015Once again, Sarah has not reported in. We think Sarah may have run off with some wood nymphs in the forest. Or perhaps she met a cute guy who does not notice that she has not bathed in a few days …

For aNewDomain, I’m Terry Gardner.

electric forest festival 2015

All images: Katies Rostamo and Sarah Rostamo for aNewDomain

For aNewDomain, I’m Terry Gardner.