Electric Forest Festival 2015 Day One: Tripping The Light Fantastic

electric forest festival 2015
Written by Terry Gardner

Music lovers and festival hounds now are converging at the Electric Forest 2015 festival, an electronic music bash that runs till Jun 28 in Rothbury, MI … Our roving reporters have the scoop.

terry-gardner-anewdomainaNewDomain — Music lovers and festival hounds are happily descending on Michigan’s Manistee National Forest Thursday for the Electric Forest 2015 festival. It’s a four-day electronic music fest featuring great artists like Skrillex, String Cheese Incident and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and a ton of hammocks, hipsters and whatever fun a crowd of approximately 35,000 can have in the forest.
electric forest festival 2015The Electric Forest Festival runs June 25 through June 28 in Rothbury, MI.
I caught up with our two intrepid reporters, Katie and Sarah Rostamo, who are there monitoring events. I checked in with Katie on opening day. View the Electric Forest 2015 festival schedule of events. Here’s a transcript of our interview.
Terry: Katie, what are you looking forward to at the Electric Forest festival?

Katie: I’m excited athe electric forest festival 2015bout meeting a lot of the cool people that will be at EF and experiencing the kind of community that they create. I’m also excited about a camping festival experience. I have never camped for four days in a forest while seeing a lot of my favorite artists so that is very exciting!

Terry: Did you pack hand sanitizer? Are you prepared for smelly porta-potties?

Katie: I’m definitely not excited for porta-potties, lol. But we brought extra toilet paper because supposedly they always run out.


Terry: Who do you think will smell worse after four days, you or the guys?

Katie: I’m hoping the guys will smell worse but who knows? LOL.

Terry: Will you be changing clothes or staying in the same clothes for four days? Did your mom ask you any questions like these?

Strangely, my interview was strangely dropped after that. Apparently our reporters have found other things to occupy their attention. I guess they’d had enough of Aunt Terry for one day.

Did I mention they’re my nieces?

At least I know they’ll be reporting back soon.

For aNewDomain, I’m Aunt Terry.

Image 1: Electric Forest Festival, Wikimedia Commons, All Rights Reserved.

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Image 4: Courtesy of Katie Rostamo, All Rights Reserved.