Edinburgh Science Festival 2013: Prof Higgs Speaks, Schedule and Monster Party

Written by Tom Ewing

Watch aNewDomain.net for coverage of the science festival to end all science festivals. It’s the Edinburgh Science Festival 2013, which kicks off Monday. Professor Higgs of Higgs Boson fame will be addressing the crowd, wild science and cutting edge science that will blow your mind throughout the show. There’s even an ode to the 80th anniversary of the first modern “sighting” of the Lochness Monster. It will rock. Get all schedules, info here. Love it.

aNewDomain.net — The Edinburgh Science Festival 2013 kicked off March 23, 2013 in Scotland. Scroll down for a complete program and schedule of events, embedded and downloadable in the PDF document below. In our opinions, the staff says this show is one of the best events in the world if you’re into science and cutting edge science in particular.

Expect world-famous scientists to show up. Professor Peter Higgs, whose research led to the discovery of the Higgs boson — will receive the 2013 Edinburgh Medal from the University of Edinburgh at the show.

Higgs will be addressing the crowd at the Signet Library with Professor Rolf-Dieter Heur, the general director at CERN,  also is gaining the prestigious medal.

Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the scientist noted for her first discovery of pulsars, will be in attendance, too.

Edinburgh Science Festival 2013 brochure

Hundreds of events range from comedy through the award-winning Janis Claxton Dance Company performing a work based on emergent mathematical patterns, to workshops for families and children – such as robot chariot races and Adventure-Bots and the Temple Gods, which uses a specially designed version of Lego Mindstorms.  The science of food will be a major theme of the festival, too. It’s one of six themes the show will feature. The others are: future cities, challenges, life, worlds and play

One of the main highlights of the festival will be the presentation of the 2013 Edinburgh Medal to Professor Higgs, whose astounding research at the University of Edinburgh in 1964 led directly to the detection of once only theorized so-called god particle, the Higgs boson.

That was at CERN, near Geneva.

Higgs, who is getting the coveted medal along with CERN, will give an address at the Signet Library with Professor Rolf-Dieter Huer, CERN’s Director General. Don’t miss that.

Also at the show, as you’ll see from the schedule embedded in this piece below the fault, is the legendary My Dangerous Idea series of events.


Such Edinburgh Medal winners as Professor Chris Rapley will discuss how once radical ideas and findings about global warming now are shaping world policy.

Another fun not to miss event: The 80th anniversary and a celebration of sorts, organizers say, of the first modern sighting of what some people believe to be the Loch Ness Monster.

Edinburgh Science Festival 2013 Brochure

Edinburgh Science Festival 2013 brochure