Exclusive: Trump’s Birth Control Repeal To Spike US Lesbian Population by 14%, Leaked Report Reveals

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Written by Tom Ewing

According to a leaked William A Williams Institute report leaked to aNewDomain, the population of lesbian American women is expected to increase by more than 14 percent as the result of Trump’s new ban on free birth control for working woman. EXCLUSIVE

aNewDomain – The Trump administration’s move on Friday to eliminate free birth control and add new abortion restrictions for working women tomorrow will yield at least one unexpected result – an unexpected rise in the lesbian population, two sources close to a federal demographics think tank told aNewDomain this weekend.

ashley madison publicity stunt ashley madison hoax report anewdomain gina smithA William A. Williams Institute study has revealed that the repeal of Obama-era birth control protections will increase the population of American LGBT females of reproductive age from 4.5 percent to 18.3 percent, they add. Our editors have obtained a copy of the report, which will be made public at the Williams complex as early as 9 a.m. ET Monday morning, the sources said.

That’s a 14.3 percent increase in the number of LGBT women.

“We’re overjoyed,” commented LGBT Women’s Caucus president Beth Wheelback in an email to aNewDomain earlier today. “The constant roll back of protections for hetero women is something we don’t enjoy watching,” she added. “But we of course will welcome our new sisters,” she added, “and make the transition as smooth as possible.”

If even 10 percent of the newly LGBT women become dues-paying members at the LGBT caucus, she added, “we will finallly have the financial means to work for the hard-line political issues LGBT issues care most about.” Those issues include equal pay, continued support for gay marriage, funds to support adoption of more than the current two child limit and the removal of all “prehistoric dress codes and restrictions still in force in the White House that require all women, regardless of sexual orientation, to wear skirts.”

Increasing the two baby adoption limit for same sex couple in 26 states couldn’t happen at a better time, Emma Bray, a US demographics analyst at the US Department of Health and Huma Services (DHS), said in an email exchange just moments ago. This is because the number of births among women of child-bearing age (who remain heterosexual after the repeal) in the workforce is expected to balloon to 22 percent within 18 to 24 months.

According to Tad Day, a lobbyist for Gay and Proud, the powerful Washington lobbyist group, same sex couples will “of course welcome the chance to raise these unwanted babies.” It’s “just the patriotic thing to do,” he said in a statement released by the caucus in response to this reporter’s query.

Digging deeper, the Lesbian population will continue to swell at the the rate of about 10,000 newly gay women a week over the next six months, if the William A. Williams survey analysis we’ve obtained holds true.

The institute, we should note, hasn’t missed a population or demographic projection by more than 3.3 percent in the U.S. since 1965, the same year birth control pills became legal and widely available in most US states and territories. That year marked the end of the so-called Baby Boom and the beginning of the X Generation.

On Friday, Trump announced that the administration would roll back a key Obamacare requirement for most employers to provide free birth control as part of health insurance coverage. The new rules it issued would allow just about any employer to opt out of the birth control requirement, provided they show a “sincerely held” religious or moral objection.

The new rules will also more strictly enforce a requirement that health insurance companies tell patients if their policies provide abortion services and, if they do, to pay for them out of a separate fund.

New avenues, no attitudes

Trump lesbianismStripping out the birth control provisions combined with changing cultural norms and practices among women will inevitably cause a rise in women-on-women (WOW) sexual relationships, according to the Summary and Snalysis section on page 33 of the 62-page, double-spaced report. The data was based on a statistically-relevant sample of 1,342 women who identified as being ‘straight,’ ‘heterosexual’ or ‘undecided.’ as of last Friday at 11 p.m. ET, according to the document.

The phone sample appears accurate within reason, writes Bud Rushley, who is identified as the senior statistical analyst and fact checker on page 60 of the report.

The data is accurate, he said, to within 2.3 percent. “It must be expected that some women will flip flop before making the big decision to identify this way,” he wrote. “However, 89.9 percent surveyed said they were ‘absolutely certain’ or ‘certain’ that they would make the switch as soon as employers begin forcing women to cover their own contraceptive costs,” he wrote.

“Many women now see other women as a perfectly acceptable outlet for their sexual urges, and since women can’t make other women pregnant, the loss of free birth control opens up a new avenue for lesbian sexual activity,” says the report’s author Dr. Diana Kingsley, PhD, MPH.

Trump stripped out the birth control provisions to appease his base of evangelical Christians, according to media reports.

“These people are such schmucks,” exclaimed Danny Wallerstein, author of the birth control provisions in the Obama-era Affordable Health Care Act struck down by Trump. “Didn’t they know that we put in the birth control provision under pressure from the religious community who was concerned about reducing lesbian sexual activity? It was one of a thousand compromises we made in getting that act passed.”

Trump lesbianismWallerstein claims that the data relating birth control availability to women’s sexual partner choices has been known for many years, citing a Yale study from the 1980s widely circulated among Health and Human Services officials during the Reagan administration.

The First Amendment’s religious freedom protections notwithstanding, the US has throughout its history enacted laws having their origin in specific religious beliefs.

In the case of the birth control provision, Trump’s evangelical base believes that the Christian Bible encourages men and women to produce the maximum number of children and further believes that removing birth control will thus increase the number of children.

Wallerstein said he was not aware of a single study that showed that taking birth control away from women significantly increased the number of children born. “Yeah, sure, that might have been true in 1882, but the world has changed a lot since then,” he added.

“The trouble is that these evangelicals are so anti-empiricism, so anti-Enlightenment that they simply refuse to study anything. They just react with their gut based on almost no actual information,” said Wallerstein. “We explained the birth control compromise to Rev. Danny Diggs, of the Christian Full Life Institute back when we drafted the AHCA, and after four hours of explanation, he finally got it. But then Rev. Diggs passed away two years ago,” added Wallerstein.

Reached for comment, the Rev. John “Trick” Pearson, Diggs’ successor at the Christian Full Life Institute said, “Well, we never really got what Danny was tellin’ us. It just didn’t seem right. So, we decided not to believe it anymore after Danny passed.”

Trump lesbianismKingsley explained that her study included about 30 in-depth follow-up interviews with women who said that other women would become their sexual outlet when free birth control was no longer available.

One woman, who Kingsley calls “Barbara Sue,” explained that her husband “Bobby” had watched so much lesbian porn on the Internet that he had so frequently demanded that she have a liaison with a particular neighbor that she had almost considered granting his request several times.

“Once I don’t get no more free birth control, I’ll be kissin’ on that neighbor lady every Friday night, and Bobby can watch us going at it,” said Barbara Sue, according to Dr. Kingsley’s report. “I think ever’ body be happier that way,” said Barbara Sue, adding, “And I for danged sure don’t want no more babies.”

Kingsley added that Barbara Sue said she would continue to satisfy Bobby sexually but without intercourse. “This couple already has a reserve of sexual practices that reduce the chances for Barbara Sue becoming pregnant anyway,” added Kingsley.

Kingsley noted that the Trump decision was unlikely to impact the rate of teen pregnancies since so few teens hold jobs that provide healthcare.

Wall Street analyst Troy Johnson commented that stocks in the adult novelty products soared on news of Trump’s decision. “The market is betting that more women will explore their options in light of this decision,” said Johnson.

A senior Trump official we reached for comment on the matter dismissed this sourced news story and the report embedded below “as just more fake news,” and took issue with the fact that there have ever been more than 2 percent of Americans who are “actually” gay, as in “actually, you know, would do it.”

But “they can be deprogrammed,” the spokesman said, declining to identify himself for the record. “Pence’s deprogramming plans were a greater success than the fake news media will ever report,” he added. “You’ll here more about this. What this is, right now,” he added, “is the calm before the storm.”

Fake news? Maybe. But there’s nothing fake in the news that no one associated with Trump’s rollback thought to consider this possibility.

For aNewDomain, I’m Tom Ewing.

UPDATE: Oct. 8, 2017

Here is the Williams Institute report on LGBT population figures in America, readable in full below the fold.

Williams Institute LGBT Survey by Gina Smith on Scribd


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