Samsung Galaxy S7: How To Display Text Messages on the Lockscreen

samsung galaxy s7 lockscreen anewdomain
Written by David Street

Here’s how to read and respond to text messages from the lockscreen of your new Samsung Galaxy S7 device. Cool. [How To Gallery]

aNewDomain — One of the my complaints about Android has to do with the way some carriers do their customizations. As a result, option settings are different from carrier to carrier. And Android’s menu locations for options are known to change from release to release, too. Sometimes the features you really want are hidden, and in the most unexpected of places.

Case in point: There’s a great new feature in the Samsung Galaxy S7 family that lets you work with and display text messages on the lock screen. The catch? You just have to know how to find it. Here’s how.

Note: This How To Gallery uses the app provided by Verizon as the default text app.

First, select the Message + icon.

how to display texts on the lock screen of samsung s7 s7 edge

This should open the Message+ home screen. Here’s what mine looks like.

how to display text messages on the samsung s7 lock screen

3. Now select the “hamburger.” Those are the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, of course. On the options screen that displays next, hit Settings.

how to display text messages on the lock screen of samsung s7

4. Now scroll down the settings screen. Check the box to the right of Enable Popup Over Lock Screen.

how to display text messages on the lock screen of the samsung s7

And that’s all there is to it. From now on, your text messages should display on your lock screen. Not only can you view them, but you can reply to them as well.

This function also lets you display the previous texts (full conversation) in the thread if you need to refer back to them.


samsung galaxy s7 lockscreen anewdomain

For aNewDomain, I’m David Street.

All screenshots: David Street. Cover photo: David Street for aNewDomain.