Copyright, the Internet and Why It Matters to You [infographic]

Written by Gina Smith

The Internet has impacted copyright law in some profound ways and there may be no going back. Why should you care? Definitely! Here’s why.

aNewDomain — Copyright law used to be a stalwart and difficult to change institution. No more. It’s only taken a decade or so for the Internet to threaten its well being. As governments continue to create, pass and then revise new copyright laws to keep up with the Internet, it’s pretty clear that, already, the Internet has impacted and even morphed copyright law in a major way. The infographic below shows how copyright law has changed as a result of the Internet and why you should care — a lot.

Special thanks to Avelina at Neomam Studios for turning us on to this beautifully informative infographic from Neomam and the fine folks over at


Copyright, The Internet & Why It Matters To You [Infographic]: by the team at Quality Nonsense Ltd

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For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.