CES 2015: TrackingPoint Mile Maker 1,800 Yard Range Rifle

Written by Todd Townsend

TrackingPoint introduces its 1,800 yard range rifle, a Linux powered gun that is definitely no toy. Video.

aNewDomain — TrackingPoint showed us its eerily accurate guntech┬álast year at CES. This year, at CES 2015, it announced a gun it’s code-named the Mile Maker. The 338TP enables accurate, mile-long shots, company reps told him. The Linux based gun uses image processing and tracking technology and eliminates, TrackingPoint reps add, “human error when firing a weapon.”┬áCheck out the details in my video, below.

Video: Todd Townsend/Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV and BreakingModern

For aNewDomain, I’m Todd Townsend.