CES 2014: Vaping Much? VaporX Biometric Vaporizer Debuts

Written by Gina Smith

Vape much? Check out Vapor Corp’s VaporX biometric vaporizer technology. Minors, or anybody else for that matter, won’t be able to use your vaporizer’s nicotine — or weed. CES 2014.

aNewDomain.net — At CES 2014, publicly traded e-cigarette company Vapor Corp showed up at ShowStoppers to debut its personal VaporX fingerprint-locked e-cigarette tech. The vaporizer is rechargable and, with its biometric fingerprint-locked security tech, it keeps other folks from smoking or toking on your vaporizer.

Vapor Corp execs told me their VaporX fingerprint-locked vaporizer will ship online and through dealers in the United States in the second half of 2014. The customizable, biometric vaporizers will cost between $199 and $299, execs said. I took a look at the working prototype — and had a bit of fun doing it. Check out the CES 2014 video, below. And see why medical marijuana patients might be wise to take a look …

Video: Gina Smith for aNewDomain/Justin Webb, producer, aNewDomainTV

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