CES 2013 Monday Livestreams: Watch Sony, Samsung, Intel, More Live Events Here

Watch CES 2013 livestreams and recorded events of the hottest events at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas here. First one up: The Sony livestream now is updated with Playstation news and Sony’s Bob Dylan Europe-only rare track release now. It’s a release driven by new EU copyright law. We’ll keep adding livestreams to this post. Stay tuned. Also, check this post for directions to own Windows vidcaster supreme David McCabe, a Microsoft MVP. He’s got a continuing live video podcast all show long. Let us know your take on Monday’s coolest announcements that flew below the Sony-Samsung-Intel trifecta radar. I’ll quote you.

aNewDomain.net — the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 livestream team is making various big name events and press conferences available via live stream. Monday night at 5 p.m. Pacific, Sony will be announcing a slew of products and services.

Watch the CES 2013 livestream of the Sony event below. Check back often as we add other livestreams. Click here for details on the Sony Playstation 2 hard stop, the release of Bob Dylan rare tracks and other Sony news, including the Sony Playstation 2, new Sony TVs, Sony’s deal with Dolby and more.

The Bob Dylan announcement was by far the most interesting to music lovers like me, as Sony is releasing (downloadable via England and France connections only) never before released Dylan outtakes and other rare tracks in reaction to a new European “use it or lose it law that goes into effect 2014.

Read more below on the 88 tracks available in its Volume 1.

Live video for mobile from Ustream
Video: CES 2013 Sony Ustream Channel

After Sony’s Monday address, there were addresses and live question and answer periods with Sony chief Kaz Hirai and Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux after the official press conference. It was gripping. See why in the video above.

From our coverage of the CES 2012 Sony announcements at aNewDomain.net:

The New York Times has a detailed piece on why and how the legal change forced the release of the rare Dylan songs, outtakes and other rare, oft bootlegged tracks from 1962 and 1963 — and a list of songs that would make any hardcore Dylan fan slobber.

A full list of the 86 Bob Dylan tracks released on its so-called Bob Dylan: The 50th Anniversary Collection: The Copyright Extension Collection Vol I is here. It is available for sale only to those who log in from England and France at bobdylan.com.

Or you could wait for pirates (not advised) or pay the big bucks on eBay. Depends on how deep a fan you are.

Watch the Intel livestream on CNET’s Intel-sponsored CES Livestream at 1 p.m. Pacific here. Intel will be showing Intel 3rd generation Core powered Ultrabooks, plus tablets, phones and phablets powered by its Atom CPU tech. Here’s a set of white papers on Intel’s processor tech to get you up to speed first.

Moving on, the Samsung livestream is available at the link below. First, scroll below to see a fun teaser of the new TVs Samsung is unveiling in Vegas. Samsung on Monday announced a staggering-size 106-inch ultra hi def TV. Most compelling of all Samsung CES announcements wasn’t hardware, though. It was a new interface — a channel list — comprising five screens that make Internet access the center of the TV experience.

Video: Samsung

The live feed for the Samsung announcement, scheduled for 2 p.m. Pacific, is here at Arstecnica. Our team on the ground, Russell Johnson, Alan Wallace, David McCabe, Todd Townsend, Sandy Berger and John C. Dvorak, will be covering the show for you as it unfolds this week.

Image: CES 2013

We have great live coverage on the ground for you in Vegas all week.

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