Workplace Bullying: Are You a Victim?

Written by David Michaelis

New research by IDG Connect shows that bullying is on the rise in Silicon Valley and other tech companies. David Michaelis takes a look.

aNewDomain — Have you witnessed bullying this year? At work or during social functions? It’s likely you have, and that you’re not the only one. We’re all a part of this story, according to new research by IDG Connect. Check out the infographic below for the highpoints of IDG’s findings and scroll below the fold for more.

survey 2014 by IDG

IDG 2014

The IDG Connect research shows that:

The overwhelming majority of those who said they had been bullied reported psychological abuse (94 percent). In addition, a large volume reported verbal abuse (57 percent). Most bullies were senior in the company(74 percent) to their victim. And bullying typically arose from a single individual (67 percent) as opposed to a group (33 percent).”

When asked to report the severity of abuse on a scale of one to 10, where 10 was “virtually unbearable,” 76 percent rated the bullying at a seven or more out of 10. And 22 percent overall rated it as 10 out of 10, ‘virtually unbearable.’

Who will handle the bullying problem?

Silicon Valley historically eschews bureaucracy, deeming such structure as mundane and uncool. The result of this attitude is a lack of HR professionals in the tech firms. The entrepreneurs gave little thought to human resources, and now there are human resource issues. The NYT wrote:

Tech start-ups with 100 or fewer employees have half as many personnel professionals as companies of the same size in other industries, according to data from PayScale, which makes compensation software and analyzed about 2,830 companies.”

Share with us your bullying stories. We’ll keep all names and companies anonymous.

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