Digital Storytelling for Today’s Kids (Infographic)

What are kids reading these days? Can ebooks and “regular” books coexist? The answer is yes. — Digital storytelling has clearly created a dilemma for today’s parents. To wit: can ebooks and apps coexist with traditionally published books? As Kindles and iPads become more and more common, some parents fear that kids will forget what an actual book looks like.

Thankfully, parents around the world continue to read stories from books at bedtime. Sharing, as it turns out, is a key element for capturing the attention of a distracted child. Apps and books work alongside each other, and not in competition. Eighty-one percent of adults who own an ereader tend to read “real” books to children. Conversely, 73 percent of adults prefer reading from mobile devices while commuting or traveling. There is a time and place for every format, and 24 percent of readers understand that fundamental difference.

Benefits of ebooks

According to KiteReaders, a popular platform for children’s ebooks: “Children now can not only learn new words, but hear how they are properly pronounced. The read aloud option helps both new and older readers alike. Younger readers can become more confident in their own reading ability by following the read aloud option while more experienced readers can test their skills by reading the book on their own and using the ebook features to help them if they need guidance.”

Remember: we are talking about stories, not games. Games tend to create isolation. Spending too many countless hours playing video games can prevent a child from learning key social skills. Whether a book is published on paper or electronically, children have no problems negotiating digital and non-digital media. They carry their favorite story and characters seamlessly from one format to the other.

How can we create a passion for the written word? Take a look at the infographic below for more information.

Image credit: my chronicle books