Amtrak Train Crash: Train Was Going 107 MPH, Why That Matters

Amtrak train crash
Written by Ted Rall

The Amtrak train crash that left seven dead this week was going 107 mph before it derailed. It must’ve seemed a refreshing speed for most riders, northeasterners who have long complained about rediculous delays in the corridor. The derailment left seven dead and 200 injured.

aNewDomain — According to the National Transportation Safety Board, an Amtrak commuter train that derailed at a sharp curve in Philadelphia was traveling 107 mph when it derailed. That’s twice the local speed limit. It must have seemed great before the disaster, especially to Northeasterners accustomed to frequent long delays on the Washington to New York corridor. The crash injured 200 and left seven dead Tuesday. There were 240 people on the train at the time of the crash.

Amtrak train crash
Cartoon: Ted Rall exclusively for aNewDomain

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