Eight Ways to Spring Clean Your Smartphones and Tablets (tips)

Written by David Michaelis

You shouldn’t have waited for spring, but why not now? Here’s how to spring clean your smartphones and tablets. Faster, safer devices await. Tips.

aNewDomain.net — As you shake out your rugs and empty closets onto Goodwill this year, consider cleaning out your smartphone, too. You shouldn’t wait for spring to get rid of old apps, safeguard your devices or improve performance. But if you did wait, here are eight ways to spring clean your smartphones and tablets. Faster, more-secure devices await.

The Eight-step Spring Smartphone and Tablet Clean Up …

cleanyoursmartphonewikimediacommons1. Update your settings. Get rid of settings that suck up battery life, like having location services on all the time, just as one example.

2. Change your password. If you aren’t doing this regularly, now’s the time. Use a free utility program like LastPass to keep track of passwords if they’re getting unwieldy.

3. Review app permissions. Remove all the phishy ones.

4. Delete apps. On average, most of us use no more than 10 apps on a regular basis. Discard or hide all the rest.

5. Reset all your backup settings. And do back up.

6. Whether you’re using Android, Apple iOS or another OS, find the best security app and download it. Our reviews list some of the best here at aNewDomain. Android smartphones and other devices employing open operating systems are especially virus-prone.

7. Install an app that helps you keep your smartphone running smoothly. If you’ve got an Android device, explore ES File Explorer Manager for Android. It’ll help you clear data out of the cache and weed through unneeded apps and utilities, too. Or try Clean Master, a free app that basically accomplishes the same thing.  It lets you perform bulk uninstalls and schedule cache clean ups ahead of time with reminders as you need them.

8. Make sure there is open space on your phone. If not, create some. The less free space on the smartphone, the slower your smartphone will perform over time.

The best time to clean up your smartphone act isn’t spring, come to think of it. It’s now.

For aNewDomain.net, I’m David Michaelis.

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