19 Ways To Not Suck On The Internet [video of the week]

Written by Gina Smith

It’s the weekend — or it will be soon, anyway. That means it is time again for aNewDomain’s video of the week. This time we’re applauding VLOG Brothers’ new “19 Ways To Not Suck On The Internet” video. It so totally rocks.

aNewDomain — As usual, Hank Green charms us endlessly with his AM radio-style rants on YouTube. But this week’s video is one of the VLOG Brothers’ best. That’s why it’s my choice for aNewDomain’s Video of the Week. Here’s “19 Ways To Not Suck On The Internet.” It’s about a four-minute video, and it is worth the view.

We at aNewDomain wish Hank, John and the rest of the staff at VLOG Brothers the best of luck on their new podcast, Dear Hank and John. Find it here on iTunes. And for the rest of you, we submit what Hank describes in his show notes as an expansion of “Wheaton’s Law with some advice for building a better, more pleasant, more constructive Internet.” It is awesome. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone. -Gina

19 Ways To Not Suck on The Internet video: vlogbrothers YouTube Channel

For aNewDomain Weekend, I’m Gina Smith.