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Be Afraid: Best Zombie Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Want to be a zombie prom queen? A ripped mouth zombie? A zombie kindergartner. Take these 10 best zombie makeup tutorials on YouTube to the grave and back. Have fun and Happy Halloween from all of us at aNewDomain and our sister site, BreakingModern ... [videos]
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Larry Press: Why I Won’t Buy Ebola.Com

The domain squatter who buys disease names is now trying to unload Ebola.Com. Here's why our Larry Press won't be buying it. Essay.
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Is Your Psych Disorder Based on a Sesame Street Character?

Insomiac? You're an Ernie. Got Asperberger's? You're Bert. And Elmo is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The Psych Disorder Sesame Street infographic ...
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Ted Rall: Obama, Syria and the Arms Decision

What is presidents always chose to avoid plans that have failed in the past? We're seeing an example now, says Ted Rall, regarding arms shipments to Syria.
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Jack Bruce, Legendary Cream Bass Player, Dies at 71

Jack Bruce, singer extraordinaire and virtuoso bassist, has left us at age 71. Read about how he became modern music's most influential bass player.
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Ted Rall: Why MSNBC Is In Trouble

MSNBC is in trouble, says our senior commentator Ted Rall. Here's why.
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nightwing the series

ComicsViews: Nightwing, Superhero TV Preview

Check out Nightwing: The Series episodes in this piece, plus our podcast preview of the Fall 2014 superhero TV shows w/ Flash, Gotham, Constantine and more ...
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How Putin Relives the Cold War in Sweden

Vladimir Putin's sending of Russian subs to Sweden relives the 1981 Cold War era. Here's how.
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Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole’s Lessons for Silicon Valley

Jean Tirole, 2014 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, has some lessons for the Internet business. Larry Press elaborates.
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Gamergaters, Revenge Slutting and You [video roundup]

Gamergaters accelerate their assault on gaming critics and female gaming designers. David Michaelis reports. Video roundup. Warning: graphic violence, language.
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Jerry Pournelle

Jerry Pournelle: A Time Machine in Chaos Manor

In his latest dispatch from Chaos Manor, Jerry Pournelle reviews new tech, opens up his mailbox and tells you what is really going on with The Precious.
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Lamont Wood: Plea from a Singleton

In part two of his Interview with a Singleton series, our intrepid reporter Lamont Wood hears one singularity being's desperate plea for survival ...
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Will Cyborgs Replace the Disabled?-Video

Cyborgs are promoted in some quarters as the future ultimate empowerment of disabled. See the pioneering research and blow-back here.
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Ted Rall: How and Why the US Created ISIS

Here's Ted Rall on emerging evidence that the US created ISIS, a "monster," he says, that will take 30 years to kill. Exclusive Ted Rall commentary here ...
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Ebola Infographic: What You Need To Know Now

The folks at solar light company Waka Waka aren't just gifting social lights to the needy in Liberia. They've published an outstanding Ebola infographic ...
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Eccentric Habits of the Tech Elite

Tech geniuses do have some pretty eccentric habits. Check them out here.
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Steve Jobs on YouTube: Rounding Up the Classics

What are your favorite Steve Jobs moments on YouTube? On the fifth anniversary of the Apple cofounder's death, we're rounding them up and taking suggestions
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Apple iPhone 6: It Just Warps

The Apple iPhone 6 bends easily, giving a new meaning to the Apple slogan "it just works." Or is it "it just warps?"
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Ted Rall: Apple iPhone 6, Spies and Lies

After Apple said the iPhone 6 would be hard for the NSA to hack, officials said people who buy it might be outside the law. Here's Ted Rall with more.
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smartphone photography filters feature

Smartphone Photography: Fun With Filters

If you're unable to figure out the best way to edit your smartphone photography, try adding a filter. Ant Pruitt shows you how.
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Tom Sloan History of Memory Panel

Tom Sloan Cartoon: The History of Memory

Computers sure use a lot of memory today. Remember when a byte was a revolution? How the times have changed. Tom Sloan's History of Memory cartoon, here.
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Bloodthirsty: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

What makes a serial killer tick? Who are the worst serial killers of all time? Here's a great infographic for you. It's Bloodthirsty: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer.
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Jerry Pournelle: Welcome Back to Chaos Manor

Legendary columnist Jerry Pournelle is back with lots of commentary and news for you. Welcome back to Chaos Manor.
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How To Stay Anonymous Online: Best Tools for 2014

aNewDomain — From NeoMam, the same folks who produced the viral hit infographic, How To Disappear Completely Online, comes this How To Stay Anonymous Online in 2014 infographic. Created using data from, Code Diaries, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and more, this thoughtful graphic provides a thorough explainer on how you can use proxy servers, a […]
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Apple Watch IP Analysis: A Closer Look

What do Apple patents reveal about the Apple Watch? Our world renowned IP attorney and analyst, Archimedes IP's Tom Ewing, takes a look.
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Tom Sloan: Self-Driving Car?

So, what are we in for when Google comes out with self-driving cars? I don’t know. But I wonder if they'll be programmed to drive like real humans.
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Lamont Wood: Why You Need to Text in Prisoner Code

Tired of talking over jackhammers? No problem. Lamont Wood recommends you switch to prisoner code. Here's why.
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Why You Need a Tech Free Vacation

Take a real tech free vacation. You need one. Here's why. Tech Free Vacation infographic.
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Install Xubuntu 14.04 on an Aging Notebook

Here's a weekend project for you, courtesy our Rob Reilly. Here's how to install Xubuntu 14.04 on an old notebook. Easy.
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How to Use Smart Remote for Android to Control Your Media Boxes

Rob Reilly has a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a built in infrared sensor. Here's how to harness that tech with a nice little app, Smart Remote for Android. it's our app of the day ...
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How To Do Better Hardware Demos [tips]

Things can go terribly wrong with hardware demos. So here's how to show yours to the world -- with a minimum of risk and a lot of panache.
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Eight Traits of a Kick Ass Leader

Are leaders born? Maybe. But you can learn leadership traits. Check out this Traits of a Kick Ass Leader infographic ...
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How To Build a Hummingboard SlideCam

Here's how to build a Hummingboard Slidecam. Handy!
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On Phone Scams, Cannibalism and the AT&T CL4939

Gotten a call from a fake Microsoft tech support guy lately? Here's our Lamont Wood on phone scams, cannibalism and the AT&T CL4939 have to do with it.
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Ebola 101: How It Spreads and How To Prevent It

It's Ebola 101. What it is, how it's transmitted and how to prevent it ...
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MakerBot at Home Depot

3D Printers Will Disrupt Our Lives in Ways We Can’t Fully Understand

As MakerBot and Home Depot strike a deal to put desktop 3D printers in stores, our Mark Kaelin explores 3D printing. He says it will disrupt our lives in ways we can't yet fully understand. Analysis.
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Five World War I Patents: War Tech Roundup

Our IP expert Tom Ewing rounds up hot wartech circa World War I. Check out World War I patents for the submarine, machine gun, metal helmet and more ...
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Get a Job: Star Wars Occupation Flow Chart

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away there's a job for you. Really. Check out the Star Wars occupation flow chart infographic.
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Around the World: Top 40 Tourist Scams [infographic]

Here's the top 40 tourist scams around the world. We know you're too smart to fall for them, but it never hurts to be up on scammer state of the art.
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Puching Zhang: Mario Kart 8 [review]

Our game reviewer Puching Zhang on what there is to love about Mario Kart 8. Deep dive review with screenshots, video ...
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Joren de Wachter: IP Is a Thought Crime [TedX Video]

Joren de Wachter tells a TedX audience in Leuven, Belgium that IP is a thought crime. What? Here's why. Commentary ...
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Tom Sloan Cartoon: The End of Light Bulbs

In the latest Tom Sloan cartoon, Tom ponders what do we buy when there are no more light bulbs?
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Tour De France 2014 Apps for Android, Apple iOS

Larry Press reviews NBC's Tour de France 2014 app for Apple iOS. Check it out here.
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Ted Rall Cartoon: Why We Are Doomed

Here's the latest Ted Rall cartoon. The focus is on Kickstarter, potato salad and what crowdfunding priorities say about us, the Internet and everything ...
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Darren Stevens: Reflections on Samantha

In real life, Darren Stevens says he's nothing like his Bewitched sitcom character. And being married to a witch is still as hard as ever.
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Ted Rall: I Know a Secret [exclusive]

Ted Rall knows a secret. The same secret the CIA asked 6000-plus reporters not to reveal after an email slip. Witness the scary state of U.S. journalism.
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Delectable 4.0 for Apple iOS: Freeware Thursday

Delectable 4.0 is out as of June 18, 2014 on Apple iTunes. The new version is the biggest-ever change to the wine-selection and visual-search app. Find out more here. Cheers!
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Visual Noise and Grain 101: Ant Pruitt Video Daily

Visual noise is the enemy of a great smartphone photo. Ant Pruitt's video daily has a quick primer and cure for visual noise and grain. Check it out.
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Passing the Turing Test: First Eugene, Next a Schizophrenic?

Posing as Eugene Goostman, a snotty Ukranian teen bot program passed the Turing Test. Couldn't a bot posing as, for example, an angry schizophrenic pass, too? Would you like to play a game? Video, analysis.
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Crop Your Smartphone Photos: Ant Pruitt Video Daily

You've got to know the power of photo cropping. It makes good photos great. Find out more at Ant Pruitt's video daily here.
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Crazy Scary Mountain Bike Descent: Video of the Week

It's the craziest mountain bike descent video ever. And it's our choice for video of the week. Yikes!
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John C. Dvorak: On HBO’s Silicon Valley (review, full episode here)

John C. Dvorak reviews HBO's Silicon Valley, Mike Judge's new series. Video of full first episode included here.
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Steve Wozniak: “Too Bad They Forgot the Engineer”

On news that the U.S. Postal Service is creating a commemorative stamp bearing an image of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak responds.
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Ninety Years of Drum Solos: 11 Pieces of Eight (videos)

What are the best drum solos in history? Here are Brant David's top picks from the last 90 years. And yes, Peart is in there. Drum Solo video roundup.
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How To Use Chrome to Download Facebook Videos

Here's How To use Google Chrome to manually download Facebook video and video mash ups the manual way. How To gallery.
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Alfred Poor: Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, Corning’s License to Kill

Corning's latest version of its tough Gorilla Glass is now tough on microbes, reports our Alfred Poor. Here's how antimicrobial Gorilla Glass works. Analysis ...
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How To Enable the Emoji Keyboard in Android 4.1 and Higher

There are a ton of Emoji apps available to amp up your emoticons. But devices like the Google Nexus 7 have the capability built right into the OS. Our Brian Burgess shows you how to enable the Emoji keyboard in Android 4.1 and higher.
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How to Change File Associations in Windows 8.1, Open Files From the Desktop

Irritated with not being able to open files from the desktop the way you used to? Our Brian Burgess was. In his latest How To gallery, he shows how to change file associations in Windows 8.1 -- so you can open files from the desktop the old-fashioned way and stay on that desktop you're used to. Say goodbye to the Windows Photo app ...
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Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes: NASA Video

NASA filmed the sun for three years straight. Here's the sun in three years in three minutes -- the video. Here's how NASA created the video, what space tech was required and where in the video you can catch comets, amazing flares and the Transit of Venus. Whoa.
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Tech Travelers: How Not To Be An Ugly American Geek

Traveling to Europe on business? Careful flashing that peace sign. It means something pretty disturbing to Brits. Here's how not to be an ugly American geek, gesture-wise anyway. It's the Hand Jive -- Top 7 Common American Hand Gestures That Can Get You In Trouble Abroad infographic. It's money.
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Jurassic Tech: Todd O’s Sony Mavica FD71 Circa 1998

This week, our Todd Ogasawara takes us back to 1998 -- when he had a floppy based, 10X optical zoom Sony digital camera way far ahead of its time. Check out those pics! Based in Honolulu, Todd's email is Follow him @toddogasawara
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Why You Should Root Your Phone: Eric Finkenbiner

Our Eric Finkenbiner, founding co-editor of our spin-off site, explains why you should root your phone. Let him count the ways.
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h.p. lovecraft

Audio Tales of Terror: The Stories of H.P. Lovecraft (Podcast)

For H.P. Lovecraft fans no Halloween is complete without a nod to the master of horror. Tune in to a reading of his works. By Quentin Lewis.
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alibaba circle of friends

A Closer Look: How Alibaba Compares with US Companies Now

Alibaba is a massive e-commerce company based on a web of interconnected relationships. How do they stack up against the U.S. corporate model?
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pebble watch iphone 6 plus

MobileViews Podcast 100: iPhone 6 Plus on the road

MobileViews 100 discusses iPhone 6 Plus on the road, problems with Windows 10 Technical Preview update, CurrentC and more.
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The iPad 2

Not Made in America: The Right to Be Forgotten

Once we all had the right to be forgotten. It was a guiding principal that let someone just pick up and start over. Now we have the Streisand Effect. Forget you? Not on your life. Here's David Michaelis with more.
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On the Antifragile Human: Be Tough Now

How antifragile are you? Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb coined the term -- and explains how you can move beyond resilience to untouchable. Tips, video.
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Get A Digital Afterlife, Full of Ads (video)

Baby Boomers may get a digital afterlife. Of course, watch out for the ads. David Michaelis explores our digital rights upon death.
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Beware the Invasion of the X-rated iDevice

You never know if A Thing is really A Thing just from press reports. Here's Ted Rall with analysis on what he thinks is a silly Thing, the X-rated iDevice. He can't make this stuff up! Commentary.
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Annapurna Circuit Snow Storm: A Trekking Tragedy

The devastating blizzard in the Annapurna region has taken the lives of 39 hikers near Tharong La Pass, the highest point in the trek. Here's a closer look.
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Evolution of the Geek: What Kind of Geek Are You?

There are tech geeks, history geeks, music geeks, film geeks, the list goes on. Which one are you? Check out The Evolution of the Geek infographic ...
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Ted Rall: WMDs, Two Wrongs Make Iraq

Here's Ted Rall on the discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Comic.
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