Windows 8 RTM Shots, Tour: Brian Burgess

Written by Gina Smith

Early Thursday, Technet and MSDN subscribers registered with Microsoft got the Ready to Manufacture (RTM) final version of Windows 8, the version that — barring any major bugs — will be generally available October 26, 2012.

Today, August 16, 2012, Microsoft Software Assurance customers will get access. Brian Burgess and Gina Smith spun in for a closer look.

Developers now are able to download the most recent version of Windows 8 for a 90-day trial here.

For Win8 Pro Desktop — Comes with beautiful new Themes and wallpapers. The Aero Glass effect of Vista and Windows 7 is gone. The UI is actually more fluid, easy to navigate and lets you snap Metro apps to the left or right side of the sreen. You can use both the Desktop and Metro Style apps at the same time
[8:48:24 PM] Brian Burgess: the Zune Marketplace has been replaced with Xbox Media…Xbox Video, Xbox Music. You can use Microsoft Points — formerly called Xbox Live Points to purchase music, movies and TV Shows. It also lets you rent movies and TV shows in Standard or High Def format. When you rent a movie you have the option of having it streamed or you can download the rental and watch it.
[8:57:34 PM] Brian Burgess: Then, in the Windows App Store is a program called Xbox SmartGlass. That lets you find TV, Movies, Music and Games on your PC or Tablet, then play them directly to your Xbox 360 that’s connected to your HDTV. Xbox SmarGlass basically turns your Windows 8 PC or Tablet into a remote control for media on the Xbox.