Freeware Saturday: Bump for iOS

Written by Kevin Marcus

What’s going on, brother? Not a whole heck of a lot? Love one another. Kevin Marcus strays once again in an attempt at … well it was an attempt at … Actually, I don’t know what he was attempting. Ha! Enjoy.

aNewDomain — Freeware is good, and today’s app of choice is Bump for iOS. When Bump first came out everybody was like, “Wow! That’s amazing!” It is analogous to JoinMe, perhaps. Like God himself had taken over your iOS devices.


All following screenshot image credits: Kevin Marcus

Now not so much. But it is always nice to see the progression of functionality when it comes to apps. Bump enables you to select up to four contacts, then bump your device into another iOS device running Bump to transfer details or to compare contacts. Its mojo has been depleted lately by the release of Apple’s AirDrop, but it’s always nice to have options when so many of us use iOS devices.

Sorry for depicting just a Christian God above. How about you folks that follow other Gods? May I insert a picture of God for you, too?


This one above was a lil’ something for you Buddhist people out there.

And what about you Shinto folks? Let’s see what we can come up with …


Something for our Muslim friends …

Actually, upon some quick research, it suggests that Muslims do NOT like Mohammed to be drawn or depicted or shown. In respect for them, let’s abide by that.

Moving right along, how about you Native Americans? May I depict your God on this fine day? This is actually a tough image to pull up. There are so many Native American groups, and each of these groups has their own particular God sometimes. May I insert just this picture instead? It’s of a man seeming to be praying to his God. Amen.


And what about our Jewish friends? How ’bout a nice picture of Abraham to start off your day?


Or why do I need to insert pictures? Isn’t a picture worth a thousand words? So to include everybody’s God, and everybody’s religion, I’ll just write several thousand words, starting right now …

Ha! Just kidding. But are you of God? Have you called your daughter since that fight two years ago? What about you, Mr. I Don’t Pray? Why not ask God for peace and love? This is our time here on the planet people. What’s going on, brother? Not a whole heck of a lot? Love one another. Hit the town, and party down. Where it’s at, laid back. Make love, not war. Peace be with you.

For, I’m Kevin Marcus.

Based in North Carolina, Kevin Marcus is a copy editor at aNewDomain and our resident free-app-a-day guy. Email Kevin freeware recommendations at or chat with him privately at lol@soulmates. Comunican!