Spring Has Sprung: Why Tilt Matters, Vernal Equinox infographic

Written by Gina Smith

What’s the difference between a solstice and an equinox. It’s all about tilt, as you see here in this terrific vernal equinox infographic from amazingplanet.com. From our staff at aNewDomain.net, Happy Vernal Equinox.

aNewDomain.net — It’s that time again. Check out this Vernal Equinox infographic. It shows how the Earth’s tilt affects the Earth and our seasons — and provides a great explainer for why spring has sprung here in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Vernal Equinox infographic explains the differences between the Winter and Summer solstices and the equinoxes  in spring and fall — and why tilt matters. It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall down under. Happy Vernal equinox  from our staff here at aNewDomain.net to you. Enjoy the mild weather while it lasts.

Find out how the Earth's tilt throughout its orbit causes Earth's seasons.