Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ “Kong: Skull Island” Is Almost Perfect. Really. [review]

Kong: Skull Island review
Written by Dennis D McDonald

Kong: Skull Island blends terrific creature design, flawless casting and a gorgeous soundtrack, says reviewer Dennis D. McDonald. Just make sure you do these two things before you see it …

aNewDomaindennis d. mcdonald kallstadt — We know it’s possible to do anything with computer graphics and special effects these days. Kong: Skull Island will blow your mind anyway. Its creature design, integration with live action and fluidity of motion are among the best, if not the best, I’ve ever seen.

This film’s attention to characterization and realistic detail is outstanding, too. Add in director Jordan Vogt-Roberts steady hand,  flawless casting and his careful avoidance of caricature in a film that could so easily fall into that and you’ve got one pretty amazing package.

In Kong: Skull Island, Samuel L Jackson portrays Preston Packard, a familiar hard-driven and down-in-the-trenches Army officer. No one-liners and wisecracks here. As he goes all out for revenge against the monster that decimated his command, you end up actually believing it all when he finally stares down and faces off with the gargantuan Kong.

Another bright performance in this film belongs to Tom Hiddleston.  As James Conrad, the British ex-special forces “tracker” that is hired to shepherd the expedition through Skull Island, you won’t find any trace of the smarmy Loki character he plays in Taika Watiti’s Thor: Ragnorak.

As for memorable action sequences, there are too many to mention here. My favorite is the helicopter scene and its nonstop breathlessness, especially with the music and other 1973 trappings that punctuate the violence so well.

Of course, you should see this movie. It’s terrific. But be sure to see this film at a theater with a good sound system. The soundtrack is loud, but it isn’t just loud. It’s detailed. My prediction is that the sound engineers from this flick will score multiple awards. for this work.

Also, be sure to sit through the credits. You’ll be rewarded for your patience with a nice vignette that hints to things to come.

I heartily recommend this movie.

For aNewDomain, I’m Dennis D. McDonald.

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