Twitter IPO Infographic: What Twitter Looks Like, 2013 Facts

How will a Twitter IPO avoid a Facebook IPO style flail? Anyone’s guess. Social media is a funny beast. Check out this Twitter IPO infographic, with stats.. — Mulling over the Twitter initial public offering (IPO) and wondering how a Twitter IPO can avoid a Facebook IPO flail? We all are. Scroll below the fold to check out the Twitter IPO infographic, which shows the state of Twitter in 2013, on the eve of its IPO.

Twitter runs a different kind of business than does Facebook. It is at once less tangible and more necessary than other social nets, when you get right down to it. As a Twitter exec once told a skeptical commentator, the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, it’s usefulness is most-apparent when you’re stranded on a desert island. At least you can tweet, “Help.” That was 2008.

Since then, Twitter and tweets have wound their way into daily lives, from the infamous Miley Cyrus gaffe to the constant Twitter chatter of pop stars and athletes. As Johnny Manziel, the Texas Aggie quarterback, makes Twitter his platform, the fans go wild … all year long. On Twitter. State_of_Twitter-IPO-2013-infographic